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Ona Crowther
Status: Unknown
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Type: Progeny of Tezirah, Moon Mage Council Member
Relatives: Alicia, Annisean, Erzebet, Jacqueline, Roberto

Profiles in Magic, Volume 5 (book), describing what happened in the aftermath of the Timbleton Incident

The Council of Moon Mages fell beneath the unstoppable power of a focused Imperial inquisition and was disbanded, leaving the Progeny of Tezirah's representative Ona Crowther handling most of the affairs of the Guild for several years. While most Tezirites were overjoyed at this sudden monopoly on the direction of the guild, many other members began to question their allegiances as well as the innocence of Lady Crowther. Many young students, feeling betrayed, turned their backs and joined the College of War Magics, returned to their Sect halls, or simply retired prematurely. Even members of the Crystal Hand Monks, who had always been known for their unflinching discipline and devotion, began to trickle away from the Guild and return to teachings in other lands.

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