Coronation of Annisean Crowther-Dowlsa

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Coronation of Annisean Crowther-Dowlsa

"You fear ecclecticism, assimilation, loss of your cultural identity. I know your fears, for they are mine as well. But what will your stoicism gain you if your wisdom is lost upon your death? If there are no libraries to hold your research, no guildhalls to teach your magic? If unity is the price of survival, then I say, let us unite! For together, we will create triumphs of the magical arts undreampt of, " With these legendary words spoken by Grandmaster Jares Braun, founder of the Moon Mage Guild, the newest Crowther and member of the Progeny of Tezirah was welcomed to High Council.

Stationed in Throne City of the fallen Seven-Star Empire, the Moon Mage Council, responsible for construction, maintenance and upkeep of the Moon Mage guilds as well as the direction of guild reseach, has been under scrutiny for several months. From attacks of the perceivably monstrous Y'shai to the adamant claims by the council that shadowmasters were no more than myth, the guild has questioned the integrity of this governing body. Now, the Council of Moon Mages have embraced the students in a gesture of faith and unity by welcoming them to their chambers for the coronation of Annisean Crowther-Dowlsa, the daughter of Erzebet Crowther, magical pioneer, stateswoman and patron of the High Council.

The Crowthers have held a position within the Council of Moon Mages since the signing of the Lunar Accord by Erzebet's great-great-great-grandmother, Alicia Crowther. The Lunar Accord, a political document which has unified six sects of Moon Mages, has also provided the means for schools, funding, and recognition by most governments from province to province. While the Lunar Accord represents the unity of those who are unique, there has always been considerable apprehension where the Crowther's seat is concerned due to their sect affiliations. This sect, The Progeny of Tezirah, provided the sixth signature to the Lunar Accord, and has contributed spells focused in shadow magic, scrying and illusion. Indeed the shadows spell was mastered by Erzebet Crowther herself, after failed attempts with the azurite mineral by Antonishio Badera. Through such failed experiments, all magic has progressed and evolved, just as Alicia Crowther predicted long ago.

Survival was not the only achievement celebrated that night, but also the foothold sought by Jares Braun in uniting the Moon Mages as Taramaine welcomed students to the Imperial Palace with the words, "This throne is ours now. The Moon Mage Guild stands above all others. We are the true leaders of the world." This air of celebration was quickly cut short, however, with the unwelcome arrival of former Council Member Demosel Dez'Madielle.

Demosel has been a favorite of the students throughout the years, and was good friends with the fallen teacher, Lady Penelope, a lich and former teacher who shared mysteries of the music box and the bloodworm comet. Demosel was not in the mood for pleasantries at this coronation as she faced Grandmaster Taramaine with an accusatory finger. Had the former mercenary of the Dragon Priests, Grell Pel'cora, remained in Taramaine's employ all these years? Was Taramaine's pride responsible for the danger that had come to the guild? After long moments of awkwardness, Demosel was ushered out by Council Member Jonela.

"With every dusky moonbeam and with e'ry revolution, Magick is our signpost, our method Evolution."

By these words spoken through generations of Crowthers, Annisean Crowther-Dowlsa accepted her position on the High Council. Later, many would wonder how much like her mother Annisean would be. Whispers would warn of the Crowther influence over pending danger, and a few days following, Demosel would vanish from existence on this plane.

With great apprehension, the students observe and maintain a strained relationship with the Moon Mage Council, as a full spectrum of rumors would rage across the land in theory of what was to come.

~Written by Psychi for the Waerd Aev