Animal Agenda

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The Animal Agenda
Event Feast of Eluned 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Animal Agenda, Sales Floor]
Bright animal print panels in atypical colors surround the shop, offering a vibrant backdrop to the merchandise displays spread around the sales floor. A tiered display shelf offers an array of skirts, flanked by a wood rod and bar of more clothing. Dominating the space is a large caricature of a lion's head, gaping maw providing the only exit from the area.
You also see a colorful toy box with some scrawled lettering on one side.
Obvious exits: none.

A toy box reads:
"These dolls are reversible! Make sure you look at each one to see what you are buying. 
And buy the matching clothing piece too! (Sorry, not all combinations were feasible so not all are represented.)" 

In the toy box
Item Price Done
fluffy white sheep doll with a bright pink bow tied to its tail - Reverses to a black and white spotted cow doll with a tiny copper bell strung to its neck 5,000   No
plush multi-hued seahorse doll wearing a tiny leather saddle - Reverses to a plush pink shrimp doll wearing a multicolored silk jockey suit 5,000   
plump chicken doll with mischievous eyebrows embroidered over amber glass eyes - Reverses to a tawny fluffy fox doll with a pink felt tongue hanging out of its mouth 5,000   No
gemstone-studded dragonfly doll with delicate gossamer wings - Reverses to a brightly colored butterfly doll with graceful gossamer wings 5,000   
eggshell white goose doll sewn with shiny black beads for eyes - Reverses to a sunny yellow duck doll sewn with with fluffy feathers and bearing a bright red bow 5,000   No
speckled hunter green turtle doll with a soft leather shell - Reverses to a fluffy chestnut raccoon doll with a soft leather mask over two black beaded eyes 5,000   No
nervous-looking calico cat doll with fluffy disheveled fur - Reverses to a smirking fish doll made of silvery iridescent faille shaped into scales 5,000   
sleek ink-black crow doll with feathers askew holding half an ear of corn in its beak - Reverses to a squat tawny squirrel with a long fluffy tail holding half an ear of corn in its paw 5,000   No
On the display shelf
Item Price Done
ecru velveteen skirt embroidered with a butterfly and dragonfly hovering near a daisy 3,250   !!
wheat velveteen skirt hem-stitched with a repeating pattern of ducks and geese 3,250   !!
sage velveteen skirt sewn with a short stack of turtles facing an upright raccoon 3,250   !!
azure velveteen skirt embroidered with a cat peering into a sea full of fish 3,250   !!
pumpkin velveteen skirt embroidered with a crow and squirrel in the midst of a harvest bounty 3,250   !!
On the wooden rod
Item Price Done
burnt sienna worsted cloak embroidered with an usually large gidii standing amidst a milling flock of smaller gidiis 6,875   
buff worsted cloak sewn with a sprawled opossum before a raven's nest 6,875   
viridian worsted cloak embroidered with a stampede of animals racing across the front 6,875   
granite worsted cloak embellished with a gem-eyed fly nearing a sparkling silver spider web 6,875   
murray worsted cloak stitched with the image of a hummingbird berating a rock 6,875   
On the wooden bar
Item Price Done
beige broadcloth vest sewn with a doleful-eyed dog 1,250   !!
pale blue vest bearing an upright cow and sheep on the front panels glaring at each other 1,250   !!
bisque broadcloth vest embellished with brilliant sea life 1,250   !!
patchwork broadcloth vest embroidered with a fluffy fox skulking toward a bustling henhouse 1,250   !!
ash grey broadcloth vest stitched with an anteater investigating an ant hill 1,250   !!