Almalne's Festive Wear

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Almalne's Festive Wear
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Almalne
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Elf shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Almalne's Festive Wear]
A lantern hangs on the wall near an open window, casting a warm glow over the work area. Low stools provide a place for customers to stand for a fitting, and a comfortable rattan chair near the window offers the seamstress a place to sit while she sews. A colorful braid of embroidery threads bears dozens of tiny silver bells that chime with each breath of wind. You also see a brown door, a table with a workbook on it, and Almalne.

A note at the bottom reads:

    "All clothing is made as I like to make it from patterns
     which are traditional among the Sand Elf kindred.  If you want
     a different color or different patterns in embroidery, I
     suggest you learn to dye your own garments and embroider
     them.  I'm too busy to work on custom orders."
                         - Almalne

Page 1: Women's Festival Clothing
Item Price Done
white linen caftan with elaborate gold embroidery 4,500   !!
Chemise - sheer ankle-length red chemise with silver embroidery on the sleeves and black braid around the throat 6,500   !!
Burka - deep blue thigh-length burka with carved ebony buttons 5,800   !!
loose gauze pants gathered at the ankles 4,800   !!
Cap - scarlet tassels adorn this felted pillbox cap 700   !!
silver-shot gauze sand veil 900   !!
cross-strapped leather sandals with silver bells 2,900   !!
Page 2: Men's Festival Clothing
Item Price Done
Kamis - white linen shirt with a fringed hem 3,700   !!
Trousers - made of dark cotton, with tight-fitting cuffs 3,500   !!
Robe - deep blue mohair trimmed with black braid 3,000   !!
Burnoose - undyed yeehar-wool with flamewood buttons 5,000   !!
Sash - vivid crimson with a deep knotwork fringe 1,500   !!
Keffiyeh - a white linen headdress, secured with heavy black cord 3,200   !!
Slippers - floral brocade, with narrow upturned toes 2,500   !!