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The ALIGN command has several uses for Rangers, Moon Mages, Clerics,and Warrior Mages.

See the align ability for more details on use.



Rangers may align some of their spirit health to use with their Beseeches.

Moon Mage

Align serves several functions related to both the casting of spells and predictions.

List of commands:

  • ALIGN <SKILLSET|SKILL><CURSE>. Aligns the mage to a skillset or individual skill for predicting upon. Defaults to attempting a positive prediction, but adding the CURSE command attempts a negative one.
  • ALIGN MOON <YAVASH|KATAMBA|XIBAR>. Causes all spells requiring a moon as a target will to default to the aligned moon. I.e., a simple CAST behaves like CAST <MOON>.
  • ALIGN MOON <GRAZHIR>. Similar to aligning to the other moons but is only available to mages that have completed the 100th circle quest. Causes all Teleport and Moongate spells cast without a target to take the mage into the Astral Plane at the nearest Grazhir shard.
  • ALIGN MOON <SEVER>. Severs the mage's connection to the aligned moon. Required to align to a new moon.
  • ALIGN <SPLIT>. Allows the mage to use only a portion of a prediction pool on a following prediction.
  • ALIGN TRANSMOGRIFY <SKILLSET1> TO <SKILLSET2>. Allows the mage to convert one prediction pool into another. Requires passing a very difficult (700 ranks) Astrology check.

Moon Mages with knowledge of the Empower Moonblade spell pattern.

  • ALIGN moonblade - Attempts to contain a fully prepared spell in the moonblade.
After SHAPING a moonblade to the <primary/secondary/tertiary> node holding a spell pattern the next prepared spell matching the pattern in the node is instantly prepared.


  1. Stand in a consecrated room. Rooms with altars or shrines tend to be consecrated. Meraud's commune will also consecrate a room.
  2. Light an altar candle. In Zoluren, you may purchase tall silvery altar candles.
  3. ALIGN <Immortal>

See Cleric 3.0 for more details.

Warrior Mage

As a Warrior Mage, you must align yourself to one of the elements. This defines the nature of your Elemental Charge, energy that dwells in the bodies of Warrior Mages and is discharged to summon forces from the Elemental Planes. Your aligned element may be freely changed to another so long as you have no significant Elemental Charge.

Choosing an element to align to will automatically place you in opposition to another. For example, choosing Fire will place you in opposition to Water. Most Warrior Mages are locked into the classic pairings, but with exceptional skill in Summoning you can learn how to define your oppositional element freely.

  • ALIGN <element>
  • ALIGN OPPOSITION <element>

Attempting to ALIGN, successfully or not, will cause your character to sit down and meditate with roundtime.

Your current alignment can be checked with the PATHWAY SENSE command.

Possible elements to align to are Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Electricity, or Aether.

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