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A bank book is a Premium-only tool that will list all the user's bank accounts. Bank books bond to the first person to pick them up, and can only be used by that person while they retain their Premium status.

READ the book to get a listing of active accounts.

In addition, it can use the FIGURE command to calculate currency equivalents. There is a known bug with the figure results that has the potential to be off by 1-2 copper when reading out the 3 currencies.

Limited customization can be found at the Book Nook. Tribute books can be found in the Ain Ghazal Estate Holder Club.

Head to the basement inside the veranda to get a bank book.

[Strand Communal Center, Basement] Gently glowing pillars support the vaulted ceilings, illuminating the basement's nooks and corners. Between the lack of furnishings and the softly shining light, the guards stationed at either end of the room seem almost superfluous, yet from the alert way they eye all who enter, they evidently take their duties seriously. A series of narrow steps lead back to the main floor of the Communal Center, while a heavy oak door and a short passage lead to other areas of the basement. You also see a bank book rack with a leather bank book on it. Obvious exits: none. >look on rack On the bank book rack you see a leather bank book. >get book You pick up a leather bank book off the rack.