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Ahreusse's Atelier
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417
Owner Ahreusse
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Ahreusse's Atelier, Adroit Artistry]
Spotless mirrors line the metal walls here in order to trick the eye into visualizing a much larger and grander establishment. On every shelf and in every case, dazzling jewels vie for customers' attention. Though the merchandise is set out neatly, a fine coating of glittering grit has built up on every surface, covering the dingy steel pipes and tarnished iron floor in sparkling contrast. You also see an arched silver-banded door and a shimmering silk curtain.

On the teak shelf
Item Price Done
jewelry box covered with dark oiled leather 2,706   
lacquered ebony jewelry box painted with a fierce dragon 11,726   !!
white coral jewelry box bejeweled with emeralds 5,321   
polished granite jewelry box inset with a blue topaz rose 3,427   
wiirwood jewelry box stained with a single opened eye 6,404   
On the mahogany shelf
Item Price Done
rosewood trinket case inlaid with jade ivy vines 6,494   !!
white willow trinket case decorated with gold wire 8,659   !!
bright yellow trinket case painted with a scattering of tiny handprints 3,968   
ironwood trinket case set with a single black pearl 7,216   
lacewood trinket case printed with a vibrant mermaid 5,502   !!
In the cypress case
Item Price Done
mottled jasper apple 2,255   
delicate iris carved of pure lapis lazuli 13,530   
little cat carved of flawless onyx 11,275   
faceted star carved of clear quartz 15,785   
fragile sirese bloom formed of pale blue sapphire 135,300   
In the palmwood case
Item Price Done
petite heart of glowing sunstone 31,570   
tiny violet of alexandrite 27,060   
curled emerald leaf 54,120   
sculpted swan of snowy white jade 22,550   
ruby rosebud carved from a single stone 45,100   

[Ahreusse's Atelier, Artist's Alcove]
Resting against one wall is a modest workbench with a neat rack above it. A handful of finished products is placed atop the rack, apparently set aside for perhaps a final approval or polishing. Further seating is provided by a simple wooden stool opposite the workbench. You also see a shimmering silk curtain.

Note: This area is premium only.

On the rack
Item Price Done
jeweled hummingbird hovering in front of a foxglove blossom 45,100   
sparkling crystal penguin with inky moonstone features 36,080   
brown agate bear wearing a set of small spectacles 225,500   
crying baby crocodile fashioned from rough-cut emeralds 58,630   
pot of golden honey with a tiny bee balanced on the rim 81,180