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See [[Warrior Mage Spells 3.0]] for details.
New spells:  [[Geyser]], [[Grounding Field]], [[Ignite]], [[Ward Break]], [[Elementalism]], [[Substratum]]<br />
New function: [[Air Lash|ALA]] (now air lash), [[Y'ntrel_Sechra_3.0|YS]], [[Ring of Spears 3.0]], [[Mark of Arhat 3.0]], [[Mantle of Flame 3.0]]
See [[Warrior Mage Spells 3.0]] and [[Warrior_mage#3.0_Spell_Tree|the tree]] for details.
==Circle Requirements==
==Circle Requirements==
TM is a Soft Req.<br />
TM and Scholarship are soft reqs.<br />
Sorcery and Thievery are restricted skills.
Sorcery and Thievery are restricted skills.
<table border="1" cellpadding="4">
<table border="1" cellpadding="4">

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A repository for changes to the Warrior Mage guild under DragonRealms 3.0.


While the Summoning skill is slated to be the guild-only skill, it currently only used by the Elemental Charge systems.

Elemental Charge

Manipulative Resolve has been replaced with Elemental Charge.

Aethereal Pathways consume Elemental Charge. Each pathway is aligned with an element, and those that match the current charge have their costs halved, and opposing ones have cost doubled.

Warrior Mages can ALIGN themselves to an element. When spells of that element are cast, Elemental Charge is gained, and if opposing elemental spells are cast, charge is lost.

SUMMON ADMITTANCE can be used to add Elemental Charge, and SUMMON IMPEDANCE can be used to reduce it.

Prior to roughly 500 ranks of Summoning, users will be tied to the typical element oppositions such as fire/water, air/earth. Afterward, warrior mages can freely pair.

Summoning familiars costs Elemental Charge and is considered to be aligned with Aether element. More powerful familiars cost more charge.

Barrage is not currently functioning.


New spells: Geyser, Grounding Field, Ignite, Ward Break, Elementalism, Substratum
New function: ALA (now air lash), YS, Ring of Spears 3.0, Mark of Arhat 3.0, Mantle of Flame 3.0

See Warrior Mage Spells 3.0 and the tree for details.

Circle Requirements

TM and Scholarship are soft reqs.
Sorcery and Thievery are restricted skills.

1st Armor2233410
1st Weapon3445513
2nd Weapon0334410
3rd Weapon0023410
1st Magic4455615
2nd Magic4445615
3rd Magic3344513
4th Magic0334513
5th Magic0034513
1st Survival112238
2nd Survival112238
3rd Survival111225
4th Survival111225
1st Lore2233410
2nd Lore222338
3rd Lore122338

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