Visions of Holiness (2)

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Visions of Holiness
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Cleric shops, Armor shops, Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Visions of Holiness, Rebirth]
Polished copper walls reflect the light from rows of pale ivory candles in flame-shaped brass sconces. The metal floor is covered with a carpet patterned with swirling phoenix feathers, their bright crimson and gold hues mirrored in a pair of gold-framed portraits depicting the death and resurrection of the mythical bird. A narrow ebonwood table stands near an arch leading to the shopping areas, while a wide door leads back outside.
Obvious exits: none.


[Visions of Holiness, Ritual]
Several white-robed clerks stand behind the long counter, ready to assist customers with their selections. Near the archway leading to the front room is a tall ebonwood rack, while a metal table stands against the opposite wall. A long wooden shelf hangs behind the counter, within easy reach of the smiling clerks.
You also see a narrow arch.
Obvious exits: northeast, east.

On the glass-topped table
Item Price Done
velvet-lined dark onyx sack embroidered with a striking cobra 29,766   
velvet-lined bright green sack embroidered with a rearing unicorn 29,766   
velvet-lined indigo sack embroidered with a leaping dolphin 29,766   
velvet-lined grey sack embroidered with a wavering death spirit 29,766   
velvet-lined crimson sack embroidered with a fiery phoenix 29,766   
A small note reads: "These sacks contain mortar and pestle sets. Please be sure to get the right color, as there will be no refunds for mistakes."
On the tall ebonwood rack
Item Price Done
bright blue crystal jar beaded with tiny gold lions 5,412   
bright ceramic jar painted with a magpie perched atop a pile of shiny trinkets 541   No
dark crystal jar beaded with tiny diamond shrews 9,922   
fiery crystal jar stoppered with a golden phoenix 5,412   
pale green ceramic jar painted with a placid cow grazing in a field of buttercups 541   No
pale green crystal jar etched with a wren surrounded by a group of fae 1,623   No
polished ebony jar painted with a horned owl soaring past a silvery moon 541   
polished onyx jar etched with a ruby-eyed adder 5,412   No
polished onyx jar etched with an intricate maze of spiderwebs 5,412   !!
translucent indigo crystal jar stoppered with a silvery heron 902   No
white ceramic jar painted with a tabby cat sleeping before a fire 541   No
Rotating stock.
A small placard reads: "Please be sure to get or tap your jar first, as there will be no refunds for purchases made in error."
On the velvet-draped counter
Item Price Done
spiraling gold armband dangling a multitude of tiny cambrinth charms 46,182   
polished cambrinth orb inlaid with a platinum thirteen-point star 185,902   No
polished cambrinth orb inlaid with a gold thirteen-point star 107,969   No
spiraling platinum armband dangling a multitude of tiny cambrinth charms 331,936   !!
polished cambrinth orb inlaid with a silver thirteen-point star 99,364   
spiraling silver armband dangling a multitude of tiny cambrinth charms 17,607   
On the long wooden shelf
Item Price Done
black metal vial etched with a huge spider 6,314   !!
blown glass vial embedded with writhing black figures 4,510   !!
crystal vial smeared with a dark substance 4,329   No
dark indigo crystal vial etched with a starry sky 36,080   No
dulled brass vial etched with four moons 5,412   !!
flame-polished gold vial inlaid with an amber phoenix 9,020   
gem-encrusted platinum vial capped with a polished onyx raven 135,300   
night-black crystal vial with a lithe silver panther curling down its length 4,510   
polished bronze vial etched with a flock of vultures 5,412   No
polished onyx and ruby vial 15,334   !!
polished silver vial sprinkled with sapphire shards 1,353   No
round cut crystal vial with repeating stick skeletons 8,163   !!
scratched and dented metal vial with a discolored cap 360   No
sea-blue crystal vial sculpted to resemble a leaping dolphin 10,824   No
silver vial etched with a blackened apparition 6,855   !!
slender gold vial etched with a thirteen-point star 4,329   
slender jade vial etched with wandering ivy vines 5,412   No
slender platinum vial etched with a thirteen-point star 86,592   No
slender silver vial etched with a thirteen-point star 902   No
tarnished silver vial with a dented bottom 902   No
translucent crystal vial capped with a rearing gold unicorn 6,855   No
verdigris copper vial etched with a dolphin 8,884   !!
Rotating stock.


[Visions of Holiness, War]
Luxury contrasts with utility in this boxy room. The thick felt carpets are covered with weapon stands, and weapons hang on the polished metal walls. A smiling clerk stands behind a silk-draped counter flanked by a pair of sturdy weapon racks, while a graceful glass-topped table rests between a tall armor stand and an open iron cabinet.
You also see a shiny scorecard.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

On the polished mahogany wall
Item Price Done
sturdy iron komno etched with a horde of running boars 27,060   
darkened iron komno 37,505   
spiked steel mace with a sharkskin-wrapped grip 4,510   
heavy iron mace with a polished yew handle 4,510   
In the iron cabinet
Item Price Done
polished golden schiavona inset with a trio of dark onyx stars 63,140   
darkened steel nimsha etched with a sinuous cobra 45,100   
dark steel broadsword etched with a lithe panther that curls up the blade 14,432   !!
wave-etched schiavona with a sharkskin-wrapped basket hilt 63,140   
On the silk-draped counter
Item Price Done
slender golden dagger with a polished onyx hilt 13,079   !!
polished golden katar with a viper-shaped onyx hilt 23,812   !!
bronzed koummya inlaid with an ivory horned owl 9,020   !!
slender dagger with a gem-encrusted platinum hilt 135,300   !!
polished katar inlaid with a sweeping curve of silvery doves 9,020   !!
On the steel rack
Item Price Done
curved silvery scimitar with a nightsilk-wrapped hilt 35,940   
silvery mambeli etched with a flock of wild-eyed shrews 36,080   !!
polished mambeli with a leather wrapped gold hilt 63,140   !!
curved scimitar inlaid with a leaping sapphire dolphin 37,843   !!
On the tall armor stand
Item Price Done
ebony field plate formed from interlocking scales to resemble an exoskeletal scorpion 77,121   !!
creamy ivory and gold leathers embossed to resemble a striped cat's fur 27,060   !!
crimson-hued chain hauberk fashioned to resemble swirling phoenix feathers 162,360   
supple black hunting leathers embossed with hundreds of bright golden eyes 27,060   !!
brightly polished mail hauberk with a golden thirteen-point star woven over the heart 27,060   !!
black and grey hunting leathers mottled in distinctive cobra skin pattern 21,648   
On the sturdy sword rack
Item Price Done
onyx-hilted bastard sword etched with a multitude of tiny spiders 198,440   !!
polished golden bastard sword carved with the spiraling pattern of a unicorn's horn 568,260   
flame-darkened bastard sword with a polished gold hilt 225,500   !!


[Visions of Holiness, Ceremony]
Simply furnished with a low, velvet-draped table and a tall ebonwood rack, this corner of the shop is softly illuminated by pale ivory candles. Soft robes hang from a row of shiny hooks above the table, while a cedar chest has been tucked underneath.
Obvious exits: west, northwest.

On the row of shiny hooks
Item Price Done
soft white cotton robes adorned with downy owl feathers 4,510   
ceremonial robes of stiff crimson silk 18,040   
white samite robes woven with sparkling silver threads 27,060   No
white samite robes woven with sparkling platinum threads 72,160   !!
white samite robes woven with sparkling gold threads 45,100   
flowing nightsilk robes 45,551   
ceremonial robes of stiff sapphire silk 18,040   !!
leaf green silk robes clasped with a gold san'ati tree 10,824   
royal blue silk robes embroidered with roaring gold lions 10,824   
dark indigo silk robes embroidered with a pattern of crashing waves 18,040   
In the cedar chest
Item Price Done
soft leather sandals embroidered with wrens in flight 1,804   
blue silk sandals with lapis lazuli fasteners 6,765   
black shantung sandals with satin ties 902   
black silk sandals embroidered with staring vultures 3,608   
silver silk sandals embroidered with a tabby cat 4,510   
gold silk sandals embroidered with tiny symbols of the gods 3,608   
black jacquard silk sandals in a stylized raven pattern 902   !!
On the velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
red coral prayer beads carved into miniature phoenix 9,597   !!
oravir prayer beads carved into miniature albatross 5,772   !!
obsidian prayer beads carved into miniature scorpions 11,726   !!
nacre prayer beads carved into miniature magpie 8,569   
sardonyx prayer beads carved into miniature panthers 17,679   !!
polished black onyx prayer beads carved into miniature jackals 14,711   No
chalcedony prayer beads carved into miniature dolphins 29,766   !!
opal prayer beads carved into miniature doves 10,824   !!
On the tall ebonwood rack
Item Price Done
ebony silk devotional pouch beaded with tiny ruby scorpions 13,530   !!
pale beige wool devotional pouch embroidered with a placid cow 2,706   !!
sapphire silk devotional pouch clasped with a silver dolphin 3,157   !!
leaf green silk devotional pouch embroidered with gold sana'ati trees 6,314   !!
tattered canvas devotional pouch 451   !!
watered silk devotional pouch 3,608   
pale blue wool devotional pouch embroidered with orange and white tabby cats 1,804   
gold spidersilk devotional pouch adorned with tiny onyx ravens 20,746   No
bright silk devotional pouch embroidered with a wild-eyed shrew 2,706   !!
ebony silk devotional pouch 2,706   
crimson silk devotional pouch embroidered with tiny gold phoenixes 6,314   No