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Line 69: Line 69:
| n  
| n  
| -=  
| -=  
| *This item is worn in the {{#arraymap:
| *This item is worn in the {{#arraymap:{{{hides}}}|,|@@@@|[[this item has property hides::@@@@]]| or }}
| ,  
| @@@@  
| [[hides::@@@@]]
|  or   
| *Hiding array still won't load!
| *Hiding array still won't load!

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Essential Template
  • This template is so essential that it has been protected to prevent tampering.
  • If you have suggestions to extend its function or have observed bugs, please post to the discussion page.

This template is a display and categorization plug-in for other templates, including Template:Item, Template:Shield,Template:Armor, and Template:Weapon.

This is because several of the basic ones share features in addition to becoming too large.