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Telfogli Aldergold
Status: Unknown
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Type: guild leader

Legendary Hordesman Telfogli Aldergold was the second Barbarian Guild Leader in Steel Claw Clan, after Jainder and before T'Kiel, but resigned from the position because he felt that innovation stopped if one taught too long, and that he had served too long.

He was last seen 60 years ago, or ~334AV (based on 394AV being the year he was discussed), and it is not known if he is alive or not.

He is was at the heart of a debate between the more active Barbarian Guildleaders during the Lyras War. Led by Mo, one group wants to temporarily give up training younger members and actively fight Lyras, while the more passive ones led by Agonar wish to continue as before. As the council was evenly split 3 and 3, Agonar's vote was considered to be tie breaking. At one point he informed Mo that he would reconsider, if Mo could find Telfogli, at which point Mo set off to find him.

Appearance 11/22/2009

You see Legendary Hordesman Telfogli Aldergold, an Elven Barbarian.
Piercing blue eyes gaze out from beneath a stern brow, which is broken at the edge by an old scar that runs from the edge of his eye and down to his square-shaped jaw.
His white hair is peppered with streaks of grey, framing his angular face.
Both of his well-toned arms are covered with an assortment of old scars and his lean figure speaks of many past battles.
Although he is in excellent shape, he still looks quite old, even for an Elf.

He is holding a steel-wrapped ironwood composite bow with a braided spidersilk bowstring in his right hand.He is wearing a leather weapons belt with cast bronze medallions depicting a single Barbarian defeating an army, a leucro hide claymore sheath reinforced with dark steel buckles, some dark leather pants cinched with braided rawhide up the outer seams, a pair of worn leather traveler's boots stained with mud, a braided rawhide necklace strung with large animal fangs, a dark grey chain shirt affixed at the shoulders with linked scale pauldrons, a weathered dark brown backpack crafted from cougar skins, a tanned leather tunic lined with bloodstained leucro fur, some serpentine chain greaves, a black leather thigh quiver banded with thick dragonwood strips, a silvered chain balaclava and some well-crafted chain gloves with dark steel links.

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