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The Entire Log of Telfogli (VERY LONG, but very good) · on 11/23/2009 6:07:20 PM 765
I edited it down to mostly just talking, but there's some really really good stuff here.

A fierce blue-white glare forces you to avert your eyes for a moment. When it subsides, a blue Moongate stands before you, rippling slightly.

You notice Hotoke peering through the other side of the Moongate.

As you cross the Moongate's threshold you are drawn through to the other side...
[Fala Inisulen, Ravine]
Furrowing deeper into the rock, the ravine's plunging slope bends in a northeasterly angle. The sheer rock walls glisten with seeping water and the air is chilly as it slides against cold, damp stone. Vines trail down from the top of the ravine to mingle with the dark green moss and grass that have found purchase on the walls. Thick planks are staked into the ground -- not quite so uneven as a stairway, nor so smooth as a ramp.
You also see a blue Moongate, a monstrous grizzled war bear and a blue moonbeam.
Also here: Prophet Hotoke who is behind a plexus of azure lines, the body of Guildleader Mo who is lying down.
Obvious paths: northeast, south.

Hotoke nods to you.

You cough.

You say, "You're a tough man to find, Mo."

You grab Mo's body and drag it with you . . .
[The Crossing, Hodierna Way]
The hustle of crowds making their way between the secular and religious centers of town that converge here carries you along with its momentum. The granite and marble facade of the First Provincial Bank catches your eye, standing before you as solid as its name. A Gor'Tog guard armed with pike and crossbow is posted at the door, while a few well-dressed merchants congregate outside.
You also see a blue Moongate, a large parchment and a big orange sign with a picture of a smiling Dwarf.
Also here: the body of Guildleader Mo who is lying down, Geometer Reichi, Massacre Joshuan.
Obvious paths: east, southwest, northwest.
Roundtime: 3 seconds.

Hotoke steps out of the Moongate, which collapses immediately behind him.

Hotoke whispers, "he wants to go to agonar"

Mardele continues to hum a quiet gavotte with only the slightest hint of difficulty.

You say, "I didn't do it."

(I drag Mo outside the Barbarian Guild)

You hear the ghostly voice of Mo say, "I suppose I should be alive before going to Agonar."

Rajao frowns at Mo.

Rajao says to Mo, "Look what the cat dragged in."

Rajao folds her arms across her chest.

You say, "I am not a cat."

You fold your arms across your chest.

Rajao winks at you.

Mikami lays her hand on Mo's arm.

Caelumia asks you, "What precisely -did- happen?"

You say, "I take it your venture was...unsuccessful."

You say, "Or very successful."

Rajao says, "That's a good question."

You hear the ghostly voice of Mo say, "I was shot from behind. Twice."

Caelumia says, "Someone told me to locate Telfogli, but I cannot."

Rajao frowns at Caelumia.

Guildleader Agonar just arrived.

Rajao glances at Agonar.

Drevid grunts at Mo.

Agonar says, "So it's true."

Agonar skillfully removes an angiswaerd head arrow from Mo's abdomen leaving the wound no worse than it was before.

Caelumia whispers, "Where was he found dead?"

You say, "I do not know if this means our Therengian guild leader was successful."

You whisper to Caelumia, "In Leth Deriel"

Rajao says to you, "I guess maybe he can tell us when he's breathin' again."

Rajao rubs her neck.

Madigan asks you, "What happened m'lady?"

You hear the ghostly voice of Mo exclaim, "Agonar, when I'm upright, I have some words for you!"

Agonar says, "To be sure."

You say to Madigan, "He was ambushed. By whom, I do not know. But they must have been good."

Madigan nods to you.

Valynn frowns.

[The Crossing, Champions' Square]
Statues of famous barbarians and arena champions form an arcade leading to the arched steel-clad door of the Barbarians' Guild. The building itself is high and massive, and the roof rises into a dome towards the east, covering the Champions' Arena. Through narrow, slit windows you can hear the clang of weapon on shield, and the voice of the trainers barking out instructions to the would-be fighters, gladiators, knights and mercenaries within. You also see a broken silver chain, a monstrous grizzled war bear that is sitting and a sturdy stone structure.
Also here: Mikami, Beautician Iliani, Death Dealer Grungy, Valynn, Sir Madigan, Troublemaker Drevid, Prophet Hotoke, Minion Cazvelu, Sister Jaelia, Archmage Darthiel, Fateweaver Caelumia, Bloodbeast Rajao, Desperado Mylani, Aevarn, the body of Guildleader Mo who is lying down.
Obvious paths: north, south, west.

Marsais asks, "Hm, what happened?"

You say, "I believe that story will come as soon as he lives."

As Darthiel chants a dispirited requiem for Mo to Aldauth, his hands begin to glow faintly silver. He reluctantly extends a glowing hand towards the body of Mo.
Dark crimson bands of light flow about the body of Mo, pulsating with a heartbeat rhythm. Silvery-grey tendrils twine around the dark crimson bands, seeping into the corpse. As the last tendril vanishes from view, the bands explode with a brilliant flash and Mo blinks dazedly, wobbling on his feet.

Mo says, "Yes, I wish not to continue repeating myself."

Rajao breaks out in a silly grin at Mo.

Valynn praises Darthiel.

Grungy says, "Welcome back."

Drevid grabs Mo's forearm in a vise-like grip and shakes him violently, greeting him like a long-lost Barbarian sibling.

Rajao says to Mo, "Hi boss. You died. That's kind of funny."

Drevid offers Mo a leg of turkey.

Mo accepts Drevid's turkey.

Mo takes a bite of the turkey.

Mo asks, "Who was it who died helping me?"

You point at Mikami.

You say, "That one."

Enwah asks, "Mo, might i ask what hurt ya?"

Mo pats Mikami on the shoulder appreciatively and offers her a tip.

Mikami accepts Mo's tip and slips it away.

Mo says, "Inside."

[Barbarian Guild, Main Hall]
The austere granite walls of this immense great hall tower upward to the full height of the building. A banner hangs from the ceiling far above. Intricately woven carpets soften the polished mahogany floor and provide traction in the event of a fight. Even in his home, a Barbarian remains ever-vigilant and ready for battle. An enormous jeweled steel greatsword glints above a raised podium at the far end of the hall, from which the Barbarian Guild Leader performs his duties.
You also see a large wrought-iron stand with a thick leather tome on it, a winding black-steel stairway leading upstairs and an arched steel-clad door.
Also here: Bloodbeast Rajao, Troublemaker Drevid, Guildleader Mo, Guildleader Agonar.
Obvious exits: east, south, out.

You say, "This is a story I would hear."

Rajao exclaims, "Storytime!"

Mo asks Agonar, "Have you ANY idea the torment you thrust upon me for all these months?"

You make a disgusting grunting noise.

Agonar says, "Do enlighten me."

Croegar chuckles.

Mo says, "I've spent more time than I can remember chasing shadows, hacking through all manner of creature and plant alike."

Craxor angles his ears forward, gazing curiously at Mo.

Mo says, "I've been beaten down by the weather, slept without fire, and my feet have had wounds that would make even you cringe."

Mo asks, "And for what?"

Mo exclaims, "To chase down some kind of story!"

Craxor blinks.

Craxor asks Mo, "You found Telfogli?"

Mo says, "Outside of the socalled "documentation" that Stumara has of his weaponry, I can find no trace of Telfogli."

Mo says, "Were it not for T'Kiel, I'm not sure I'd believe you that he even existed."

Mo says, "And of course, as usual, you are of no help."

Mo says, "Content to send me chasing shadows."

Mo asks Agonar, "Who in the name of the Immortals do you think you are?"

Mo spits on the ground, his anger very obvious.

Valynn shifts her weight.

Agonar says, "I told you I didn't think he was alive."

You gaze upward.

Agonar exclaims, "I told you that you were a fool for trying!"

Agonar says, "Your tantrums betray your ability to harness your trength and rage."

Craxor glances at Agonar.

Agonar says, "How DARE you accuse me of ill-doing."

Craxor mutters to himself.

Agonar says, "The one time in your life you see beyond simply eating and bashing skulls, you fall victim to the follies of a child."

Mo glowers darkly at Agonar.

Rajao says, "Hi. Um. Guildleaders....? Sirs. Can I-- maybe sort of... cut in."

You whisper to Caelumia, "This rivalry goes way back."

Agonar glowers darkly at Rajao.

Rajao ducks her head.

Mo fixes Rajao with a heavy, ponderous stare.

You say to Rajao, "I would not."

Caelumia whispers, "Does it? My guildleaders never bicker in public, you know."

Agonar asks, "Who do I think I am? Who do you think YOU are?"

You whisper to Caelumia, "We are Barbarians afterall."

Rajao says, "A barbarian."

Rajao stands up.

Caelumia whispers, "Politics is just refined barbarism."

Rajao dusts herself off.

Agonar says, "You come to my guildhall and accost me before our students."

Craxor ponders.

Caelumia winks at you.

Agonar asks, "You are their teacher, or have you forgotten that?"

Craxor says, "How bout both o yas remember that."

Mo says, "'There you go again, the almighty Agonar. All hail."

Enwah shakes his head.

You hear the voice of Telfogli say, "Perhaps you should both shut your mouths."

Drevid blinks.

Traim smirks.

Craxor blinks.

Enwah blinks.

Marsais strokes his goatee in thoughtful contemplation.

Enwah says, "Woah."

Zamara lays her ears back in alarm, gazing around warily.

Valynn blinks.

Blacksoul laughs!

Grungy casually observes the area.

Enwah cackles!

Drevid fidgets nervously.

You see Legendary Hordesman Telfogli Aldergold, an Elven Barbarian.
Piercing blue eyes gaze out from beneath a stern brow, which is broken at the edge by an old scar that runs from the edge of his eye and down to his square-shaped jaw. His white hair is peppered with streaks of grey, framing his angular face. Both of his well-toned arms are covered with an assortment of old scars and his lean figure speaks of many past battles.
Although he is in excellent shape, he still looks quite old, even for an Elf.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a steel-wrapped ironwood composite bow with a braided spidersilk bowstring in his right hand.
He is wearing a leather weapons belt with cast bronze medallions depicting a single Barbarian defeating an army, a leucro hide claymore sheath reinforced with dark steel buckles, some dark leather pants cinched with braided rawhide up the outer seams, a pair of worn leather traveler's boots stained with mud, a braided rawhide necklace strung with large animal fangs, a dark grey chain shirt affixed at the shoulders with linked scale pauldrons, a weathered dark brown backpack crafted from cougar skins, a tanned leather tunic lined with bloodstained leucro fur, some serpentine chain greaves, a black leather thigh quiver banded with thick dragonwood strips, a silvered chain balaclava and some well-crafted chain gloves with dark steel links.

Grungy searches around for a moment.

Caelumia quietly says to Rajao, "Someone owes me 10 plat."

Croegar says, "Not seed dat comin'."

Telfogli says, "I should take you both down."

Grungy nods to Telfogli.

Telfogli says, "You disgust me."

Craxor grabs Telfogli's forearm in a vise-like grip and shakes him violently, greeting him like a long-lost Barbarian sibling.

Drevid edges away from Telfogli.

Enwah says, "Wow is all i'll say."

Telfogli says, "I'm neither myth nor legend."

Craxor says to Telfogli, "Well met elder."

Rajao says to Telfogli, "Hey, you're that guy."

Telfogli says, "I am the Lengendary Hordesman and, as I recall, I have as much a say in everything as the both of you."

Mo gazes at Agonar.

You say, "T'Kiel isn't going to believe me."

Caelumia quietly says to Rajao, "Decent looking. Not my usual, but I'd make exceptions."

Craxor says to you, "I'll tell her with ya."

Enwah says, "Will be quite the tale to tell her."

Telfogli says, "You have both dishonored your posts and inso doing, disgraced me and all the other Guildleaders."

Rajao quietly says to Caelumia, "He's so... wrinkly. I didn't expect... wrinkles."

Rajao squints.

Enwah glances at Rajao.

Craxor says to Rajao, "Keep it up an ya gonna die fast."

Telfogli says to Rajao, "I would shush."

You say, "Rakash."

You hold up your hand and tilt it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Rajao gazes down at the floor.

Grungy gnashes his terrible teeth.

Agonar says, "I, and I think I speak for Mo as well, are simply in awe, Legendary Hordesman Telfogli."

Agonar bows to Telfogli.

Mo nods to Agonar.

Mo bows to Telfogli.

You say to Mo, "I daresay...your journey was a successful one."

You gaze at Telfogli.

You whistle low.

Telfogli asks, "What in the name of the Gods had you stalk me about?"

Craxor says to Telfogli, "Um......"

Telfogli says, "I had spent years in peace, living off the land as a content hermit and you come after me, trying to ferret me out after more tahn 100 years of peace and quiet."

Telfogli exclaims, "I've had enough!"

With amazing speed, Telfogli strikes Craxor in the throat with the edge of his flattened palm. Craxor clutches his throat, wheezing pathetically.

Telfogli exclaims to Craxor, "You do not touch me!"

Craxor sighs.

Telfogli says, "You have not earned that right."

Craxor glares.

Telfogli says, "The fact that I am here should indicate how mad I am."

You scrunch your eyebrows together and furrow your brow.

Telfogli says, "No, explain yourself, Mo."

Mo clears his throat.

Mo says, "We need your vote. The Guildleaders are at an impass for a decision."

Telfogli asks, "Your petty squabbles are what had you hunt me down like a dog?"

Craxor manages to gain control of his vocal cords.

Telfogli says, "What is so important."

Mo says, "The undead. Lyras."

Mo says, "I had wished to take them on directly, Guildleaders at the front of the charge."

Mo asks, "Who better to take on an army than the best fighters Elanthia has to offer?"

Drevid nods to Mo.

Agonar says, "I disagreed with him. I told him that a guildleader's job is to teach the students and have them fight, not to lead a charge."

Telfogli asks, "And the others were consulted?"

Agonar says, "Even split."

Telfogli says, "I see."

Telfogli asks, "And Mo was sent to find me to settle this?"

You whisper to Mikami, "Telfogli is one of our oldest and wisest guild figures. To disagree with him is...unwise."

Agonar says, "He wasn't sent. I, with all do respect, believed you dead."

Mikami whispers, "but you are like the best barbarian and should lead all the charges!"

Mo says, "I went on my own."

Craxor says to Telfogli, "Settle it and help with ya knowledge of all yer years."

Telfogli says, "Well then."

Telfogli slowly empties his lungs.

Craxor says, "Please don thump me gain."

Rajao fixes Telfogli with a sharp, wolfish stare.

Caelumia quietly says to Rajao, "That's another 10 plat."

Telfogli says, "Perhaps one arrow would have sufficed, but I was frustrated and made sure there would be no more tracking."

Rajao quietly says to Caelumia, "What? I can't hear you."

Rajao digs in her ear with her claw then frowns in disgust as she sniffs at what she found.

Telfogli says, "Unfortunately, this is an easy decision to make."

You lean forward.

Craxor angles his ears forward in curiosity.

Telfogli says, "I ask that all parties refrain from showing emotion with my answer. If you are truely a strong Barbarian, you will all be able to control your emotions."

Telfogli says, "Despite your relentless search, Mo, I must take the side of Agonar. The first duty of a Guildleader is that of a teacher. To gain your rank, you have proven yourself as a warrior and require no more expression of greatness to justify yourself."

Mo slowly empties his lungs.

You hear someone sigh.

Mo inhales a great swallow of air.

Telfogli says, "If you've done your jobs, your students will be ready to take the foe down."

Telfogli says, "If your students pass, then you must ready the next set of students."

Telfogli says, "Were there not wave after wave of student, in a matter of years, the Barbarians' Guild would cease to be."

Craxor asks Telfogli, "Ya ain a guild leader no more right?"

Traim raises an eyebrow.

Telfogli says, "We have not lasted over 1400 years any other way."

Rajao slaps her forehead!

Rajao gazes upward.

Telfogli says to Craxor, "Correct."

You say to Craxor, "Quiet."

Grungy makes a disgusting grunting noise. There is a certain confident quality to it.

Telfogli says, "I resigned."

Craxor says to you, "One moment."

Telfogli says, "I feel that no Guildleader should serve more than 100 years."

Craxor says to Telfogli, "So then there's no reason ya can't lead us."

Telfogli says, "I have no desire."

Telfogli says, "I know my role within the Guild."

Marsais asks, "You have no desire to fight against the greatest foe our age has seen?"

Marsais looks thoughtfully at Telfogli.

Telfogli says, "I am only here to settle ties and offer advice."

Craxor says to Telfogli, "Ya have somuch more to offer though."

Telfogli says, "I think it is clear that I prefer my life of obscurity."

Craxor says, "Ya may."

You say, "The Legendary Hordesman served as our guild leader in Steel Claw Clan for a hundred years. What he does with his time now, is his own."

Drevid nods to you.

Telfogli says, "If, for whatever reason, a Mor Ajervir is held, I will be there."

You say, "I do not believe you can prod him into service."

Enwah says, "Hes earned that right."

Caelumia says, "It is a fight beyond any warrior or army, mage or barbarian, in any case."

You bow to Telfogli.

Vahlissa says, "I wonder though if he realizes what is at stake and the sacrafices the Prince of Zoluren has made."

Telfogli says, "If the Horde decides that we are to war, then I shall be at the front lines."

Mikami whispers, "what is a mor ajervir?"

Craxor says to Telfogli, "Well how bout this...stay a and advise."

You say, "Your wisdom in this matter is respected, if not exactly taken well."

Telfogli says, "I will remain here tonight, though not for long."

You whisper to Mikami, "A meeting of all the Guild Leaders."

Telfogli says, "Agonar, I assume you wish to resume your duties and not listen to me prattle on."

Agonar nods.

Grungy asks Telfogli, "Who is on the Mor Ajervir?"

Mo says, "I need a drink."

Drevid chuckles at Mo.

Rajao rubs her head.

You flash a wide grin.

Guildleader Mo climbed up a winding black-steel stairway leading upstairs.

You say, "The "Mor Ajervir" is a meeting of all our Guildleaders."

Grungy nods politely.

You say, "Does not happen very often."

Telfogli says, "Folks, please, leave Mo be."

Rajao gazes at a winding black-steel stairway leading upstairs.

Rajao frowns.

Telfogli says, "I will remain to chat."

You say, "He has searched for many months to find you, unsure he would find you. But certain you would take his side if he did."

Telfogli says, "Mo, resume your post and we shall chat later."

Enwah nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

You say, "His distress is, to be expected."

Craxor says to Telfogli, "Ya what we all strive to be....I would hope that after 100 years you could give half of one to help us defeat this vile demon."

Rajao nods to you.

Telfogli says, "I will speak with Mo before I leave."

You say, "He's upstairs giving Rushleel patronage."

Rajao says, "He's-- what he's saying, what Mo is saying, a lot of it-- the gist of it-- is right, though. In um, my opinion. Sir."

Telfogli says, "For now, is there a good room to chat? Perhaps with a fire."

You say, "Mo took the good room."

You make a disgusting grunting noise.

Agonar says, "Antechamber."

Telfogli says, "Take me there."

Telfogli joins Rajao's group.

(Everyone joins Rajao)

Bloodbeast Rajao's group went through a flame-shaped opening.
[Barbarian Guild, Antechamber]
Granite benches divide the room into a central square surrounded by a wide onyx-floored walkway. Within the square, a pillar of twisting flames roar up from a wrought-iron brazier with the commanding vigor of a berserker's rage. Banners and tapestries depicting fierce battle scenes line the antechamber's walls.
You also see a dark oak rack with some stuff on it and a flame-shaped opening. Also here: Legendary Hoardsman Telfogli, Cannon Fodder Enwah, Troublemaker Drevid, Davafro Vayato Craxor, Staff Master Croegar, Bloodbeast Rajao, Death Dealer Grungy.
Obvious exits: none.

Grungy nods.

Craxor says, "Nice to be rid o those wagglers."

You say, "You did a number on Mo's back."

Telfogli puts his arrow in his thigh quiver.

Rajao folds her arms across her chest.

Rajao says to Telfogli, "I really don't think you're all that wrinkly, sir."

Rajao says, "Not... really."

Telfogli says, "To be fair to him, he had no idea it was going to happen."

Rajao gazes down at the floor.

Drevid chuckles at Rajao.

You say, "Mo went through a lot of trouble to find you. But, that is not the worst of his abscence."

You ask, "Did you know his brother is in charge of his Guildhall?"

Drevid says, "I would love to hear of some of your adventures."

Enwah says, "Les has done well."

Rajao says, "Les is super nice."

Craxor says, "Les is not Mo mo or less."

Telfogli says, "I did not know he had a brother."

Telfogli says, "I didn't know who Mo was."

You say, "Mo got all the good looks, if you can believe that."

Grungy asks, "Have you seen an enemy like this one in the past - the undead?"

Telfogli says, "I followed you all after his death."

Rajao grins like an idiot at you.

Telfogli says, "The undead pose a large threat. Perhaps the greatest faced in ages."

Telfogli says, "You will all need to be ready."

Telfogli says, "I assume you have all died for the cause."

Drevid says, "They have trained us well."

Craxor says, "Many times."

Enwah says, "Yes i have."

You say, "AND broken several nails."

Telfogli says, "That is what I was hoping to hear."

With a flick of your wrist, you draw attention to the gauntlets that you're wearing.

Drevid chuckles at you!

Craxor says to you, "Least the hair is still ok."

Enwah says, "I've broken my back several times."

Enwah says, "Some arms."

Telfogli says, "It is the Barbarian who refuses to continue to die who has failed their duty."

You say, "I think that is why Mo is so confused."

Craxor says to Telfogli, "Mo...and many of us were hopin you'd have some insight on how to defeat the undead and the demon leadin em."

Telfogli says, "Mo is a certain kind of Barbarian. Perhaps one of the best kind."

Grungy says, "He was relentless in his pursuit of you."

Enwah says, "He searched for a long while."

Craxor says, "Months and months."

Telfogli asks, "How long was he gone?"

Craxor says, "6 months? more."

Grungy says, "A very long time."

Telfogli says, "Mo seems very sure of himself. I like that."

You ask, "What have you been doing all these long years?"

You say, "I think it unlikely that any of us were even alive when you led Steel Claw Clan."

Telfogli says, "I've been simply living off the land."

You ask, "Do you train?"

Telfogli says, "From time to time, I'd venture to cities in hiding, seeing wha tthe Horde has been doing."

Telfogli says, "I've no need to train."

Enwah asks, "What do you think is capable of beating lyras?"

You scrunch your eyebrows together and furrow your brow.

You say, "I'd have hoped you'd be out there developing new techniques for the guild."

Grungy asks, "You mentioned the Barbarian Guild has been around for 1,400 years. You seem to know of the origins of the guild, could you explain how the guild came to be?"

Rajao says to Grungy, "I'd like to hear that story, too."

Telfogli says, "It spawned from the inter-clan battles."

Grungy says, "And I believe every guildmember here appreciates your thoughts on understanding our beginnings so that we may 'innovate' ourselves."

Telfogli says, "Though the clans battled relentlessly, some warriors noticed that magic was taking less of a toll on them."

Telfogli says, "It didn't matter the clan."

Telfogli says, "When these warriors began to realize this, arrangements started to be made to meet outside of clan settings, deep in the wilderness."

Telfogli says, "Though many did not speak the same languages, there was a common understanding."

Telfogli says, "It wasn't without problems, to be sure, but they knew there was something special about them."

Telfogli says, "This is why I believe some people are born to be Barbarains."

Telfogli says, "These collections of non-related warriors were called hordes."

Telfogli says, "Some even left their clans to spend their time with their horde."

Telfogli says, "Well, after a good deal of time, the hordes decided to merge. This, mind you, took hundreds of years."

Grungy asks, "Were you or a family member part of this horde?"

Telfogli says, "I was not."

Telfogli says, "The Horde was formed 745 years before Lanival."

Guildleader Mo came through a flame-shaped opening.

Grungy grabs Mo's forearm in a vise-like grip and shakes him violently, greeting him like a long-lost Barbarian sibling.

Rajao says to Mo, "Come sit, he's telling us a story."

Mo takes a seat.

Clamping a fist around Mo's forearm, you pull him heartily toward you in a bone-crushing Barbarian greeting.

Mo leans against the wall, clearly unhappy.

Telfogli says, "Amusingly, little has changed since the Horde."

Telfogli says, "There was a Chieftain which was the strongest of all the Chieftains from the time of hordes."

Telfogli says, "Those who were not chosen to lead the Horde served as advisors to the Chieftain."

Telfogli says, "What is different is that any hordesman could challenge anyone in a position of power and, should they have won in combat, take that seat of power."

Telfogli says, "Obviously, this meant there was a lot of fighting."

Telfogli says, "This structure lasted for over 500 years before the idea of making an official Guild took hold."

Grungy asks, "What was the reason behind the making of the official Barbarian Guild?"

Telfogli says, "They theory was that centralized training would benefit all."

Grungy gives a slight nod.

Telfogli says, "Zoluren was the first seat, with the last leader of the Horde, Garzzok Irt, taking role as the first Guildleader."

Telfogli says, "Rumor has it that his remains are somewhere in the Dwarven lands."

Telfogli says, "Eventually the Guild grew into what it is today."

Telfogli says, "Human."

Telfogli says, "I know not how he died."

Telfogli says, "Nebi Grag, a Dwarf, took over upon his death."

Drevid asks, "Did the holding of the guildleader's chair for 100 years start with you?"

Telfogli says, "It isn't a rule."

Telfogli says, "It is simply my opinion."

Drevid asks, "Do you expect others to follow?"

Mo says, "I ain't moping. I ain't got nothing to say."

Telfogli says, "I think it would be a good idea for them to."

Drevid says, "I think I would get a chuckle to see Phii hold a guild chair."

Drevid glances at you.

You make a disgusting grunting noise.

Drevid chuckles.

Drevid pats you on the back.

Rajao breaks out in a silly grin at you.

You say, "I do not have the patience for little grunts."

Drevid laughs!

Telfogli asks, "What else?"

Rajao asks Telfogli, "Why isn't-- how come none of this is recorded anywhere?"

Rajao says, "This is who we are."

Mo asks Telfogli, "You understand my frustration, yes?"

Telfogli nods to Mo.

Telfogli says, "I applaud your efforts, I simply disagree. My opinion wouldn't matter if one of the others had agreed with you."

Kaspyn asks, "What would happen to a guild leader who chooses to abandon their post and lead us to battle?"

Telfogli says, "Given the recent decision, he'd likely lose his post for good."

Kaspyn nods.

Telfogli says, "The decision that was made today is as good as law."

Enwah asks, "Would he be welcomed back if he lead us to victory?"

Telfogli says, "Into the fold, absolutely. He wouldn't be begrudged his decision."

Telfogli says, "To fight is to have honor."

Grungy asks, "Have you noticed in your battles over time an enemy that has risen from the dead?"

Telfogli says, "The only way he could regain his seat would be for a chang eof opinion by the Guildleaders and Legendary Hordesmen."

Telfogli says, "I've seen it before, yes."

Craxor asks Telfogli, "Although ya likely gonna hurt me again....isn't leading a fight o yer guild then honorable?"

Telfogli says to Craxor, "It is indeed."

Grungy asks, "What manuevers did you use to defeat this enemy for good?"

Telfogli says, "But it also isn't the job they've taken over."

Telfogli says, "You can't gain anything from watching me."

You say, "The Legendary Hordesman has the advantage of an objective opinion. I would not meddle with that."

Kaspyn nods.

Rajao nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Telfogli says, "If we are both in battle, you can't learn. you're too busy fighting."

Craxor says, "So if we all do....guild leaders included we are stronger as a whole."

You say, "We benefit by his position as it is."

Telfogli says, "I don't disagree that we are stronger."

Telfogli says, "I agree with Mo, on one point."

Telfogli says, "I think if all the Guildleaders, all the hordesmen - that's you all - and myself took the field, we would stand a chance."

Telfogli says, "But that isn't the point."

Telfogli says, "The Guildleaders would betray their sacred duty to teach new recruits."

Telfogli says, "If Lyras has something up her... whatever... which wiped us all out, that would be the end of us all. No more Barbarians' Guild."

Grungy says to Mo, "We will not let you down."

Grungy says to Mo, "I promise."

Mo says to Telfogli, "I can appreciat ethat point."

Telfogli nods to Mo.

You say, "Our Guildleaders sacrifice much to lead us."

Telfogli says, "I knew you would."

Telfogli smiles.

Rajao says, "Teachers. Not commanders. Got it."

Telfogli says, "You all gain more by learning how to survive than you do by watching me run drills."

Craxor says to Telfogli, "But what if a few not all Guild leaders joined the cause....a separation so to speak."

You say to Rajao, "Besides many other is why I shall never lead a Guildhall."

You say, "You have furballs in your ears."

Telfogli asks, "So, what if only half of them betrayed their sacred duty?"

Grungy says, "We've learned a great deal from your guidance over the years, Mo. Through any weapon we can wield or through our very presence, we will overcome our enemies."

Telfogli says, "Being a Guildleader is a commitment."

Telfogli says, "They all know that going in."

Telfogli says, "I almost turned my appointment down."

Craxor says, "So is defending life."

Telfogli says, "Then go do it."

Telfogli asks, "Why do you need Mo at your side?"

You say, "To hold my hand of course."

Craxor smirks.

Telfogli says, "You're trained to take care of yourself."

You try hard not to grin.

Craxor says to Telfogli, "Was thinking morelike you at my side since your retired."

You ask, "I am curious, Hordesman. How was Guildleader Nebi chosen?"

Telfogli says, "I'm not sure."

You ask, "Do you suppose they still fought it out?"

Enwah says, "Would definitely be the battle of the century."

Telfogli says, "My guess is that he killed Garzzok."

Telfogli chuckles.

Craxor says to Telfogli, "I look forward to that honor to see battle along side you."

Grungy asks, "It has been rumored, Legendary Hordesman, that you are able to blend into the shadows. Is there any advanced training you had done to meet this feat beyond practicing the art of hiding?"

Telfogli chuckles.

Craxor says, "Yeah ya were dead."

Telfogli says, "I choose not to disspell them because I enjoy them. Or perhaps they're true."

Rajao says, "There are rumors about me too, but none of them are that awesome."

Rajao gazes off into the distance.

Telfogli says, "I believe one I heard was that I'd learned to fly."

Telfogli says, "If I could fly, I'd never have been cornered by Mo."

Telfogli smirks.

Grungy says, "That was probably started by a mage, to be honest."

Mo says, "At least I would have seen you."

Mo says, "Your heavy footfalls gave me enough warning, though."

Telfogli says, "My heavy footfalls."

Telfogli gazes at Mo.

Rajao says to Mo, "You're one to talk about heavy footfalls."

Telfogli says, "You're a strange man."

You say, "Go on."

You say, "Tusfaov is going to be furious he missed this meeting."

Telfogli says, "Unless there are more questions, I will be off."

Rajao says to Telfogli, "I have one."

Telfogli nods.

Rajao asks, "What's the biggest mistake you see young warriors make?"

Craxor asks Telfogli, "One or serk?"

You say to Rajao, "Listening to a class without carefully knowing what it is."

Grungy asks Telfogli, "Might you know how the guild came up with the perfect nature of being one with your mind, body and soul?"

Telfogli says to Rajao, "Underestimating their enemy."

Rajao asks, "Do you think we are underestimating Lyras, then?"

Telfogli says, "I couldn't say."

Enwah asks, "Telfogli will you ever be back, or is this a one time thing to see us?"

Telfogli says, "I would say that I wouldn't consider anything at all impossible with her."

Telfogli says, "As for the berserk or dance question, I prefer dances. I perfer complete focus in my fighting."

You ask, "Have you any other tidbits of our history you'd like us to pass on?"

Telfogli says, "As for the focus of being one whole fighter, I don't know."

Telfogli says, "It was how I was taught."

Telfogli says, "I don't think I will be around often, know."

Telfogli lets loose a hackign cough.

Telfogli says, "..knowing that there are a number of Guildleaders with years of experience."

Telfogli says, "That said, I promise not to be SO hard to find and to remain attentive to goings on."

Grungy says, "Thank you."

Telfogli says, "As for history, I have too much for one sitting."

You say, "That would be greatly appreciated."

Telfogli says, "You won't find me, I will find you."

Telfogli says, "Again, don't expect me to be a regular at your tea parties."

Grungy says, "We appreciated your time, Legendary Hordesman."

You say, "Should you turn around and find an arrow sticking out between your shoulder blades, he has found you."

Telfogli says, "Some of the young folks, I don't know...."

Mo stands up.

Telfogli says to Mo, "Mo, I admire your dedication."

Telfogli says to Mo, "I think you're a fine example of a good Guildleader. May time serve you well."

Mo asks, "Just yell before you shoot next time?"

Telfogli says, "Deal."

Mo bows to Telfogli.

Grungy says, "Mo, if you have a moment. I apologize, but I've been meaning to ask you.."

Mo says, "I will remain briefly before going back to Les."

Grungy asks, "What does that tattoo on your scalp symbolize, if anything?"

You bow to Telfogli.

Legendary Hoardsman Telfogli went through a flame-shaped opening.

You ask, "May I?"

You say, "I may not."

You snap your fingers.

You say, "I'll shake his hand next time."

You ask Mo, "Do you return to your Guild now?"

Mo says, "The tattoo is a very long story I don't wish to get into at the moment, but it has to do with my horde of the past."

Grungy says, "Another time, perhaps."

Mo nods to Grungy.

Mo says, "I'm to return to Riverhaven now, yes."

Enwah says, "Glad yer back Mo."

Grungy says, "Do not lose hope, Guildleader. You have done well to bring many excellent fighters through your ranks."

Grungy says, "We will not disappoint."

Mo says, "I feel a bit better after listening to him."

Mo says, "Clearly, we all have much to learn."

You say, "He is a master tactician. I believe he chooses well for us."

Grungy says, "I agree."

Enwah says, "I agree."

Mo says, "Let us hope."

(We all travel to the Riverhaven Guild)

Death Dealer Grungy's group went through a faded drape.
[Barbarian Guild, Interior]
Puddles merge across the floor where rainwater seeps from a sodden thatched roof, leaking winter after winter despite the guild's half-hearted efforts at a permanent lodging. The summer months offer little respite from the moisture, trapped inside by walls of river rock and denied the sun's drying heat. Still, the Barbarians here could care less, lounging about on wooden benches with all the pomp of noble knights in a king's court.
You also see a dark oak rack with some stuff on it, a high-quality vellum stretched between two pairs of iron gauntlets, a wide stone arch and the Barbarian Guildleader Les.
Also here: Guildleader Mo, Death Dealer Grungy.
Obvious exits: out.

The Barbarian Guildleader Les exclaims, "Brother!"

Mo slowly empties his lungs.

Mo says, "Good to see you, Les."

Grungy smiles at the Barbarian Guildleader Les.

Mo asks, "Place all together, still?"

The Barbarian Guildleader Les says, "Yup. Didn't break all."

Mo says, "Can I ask you all to step outside for a bit so Les and I can talk some things over. We'll chat a little bit after."

Mo says, "I'll yell for you."

Grungy says, "Glad to have you back."

Mo grins.

Death Dealer Grungy's group just went out.
[Riverhaven Exterior, Trodden Path]
Before you stands the rustic stone building of the Barbarian Guild, badly in need of maintenance. A simple arch provides entry without the assistance of a porch or walkway, the opening covered with a tattered and faded drape that acts as a makeshift door. A small path heads off to the west around the guild. You also see the faint beginning of an overgrown trail winding to the north.
Also here: Death Dealer Grungy, Cannon Fodder Enwah, Staff Master Croegar.
Obvious paths: southeast.

You ask, "I wonder what Les will do now?"

Enwah says, "Me too."

Enwah says, "Quite somethin this night has been."

Enwah says, "I was surprised Mo and Agonar didn't kill each other."

You hear Mo yell, "Come on in"

Mo says, "Les, I'm offically taking back my title."

Hordesman Les says, "Was fun."

You say, "Too bad there's not enough room for the both of yous."

Hordesman Les says, "Someday."

Grungy asks, "Do you live in Riverhaven, Les?"

Grungy asks, "Or back in Outer Hibarnvhidar?"

Hordesman Les says, "I like fish in south."

Hordesman Les says, "Can't tell where."

Grungy nods to Hordesman Les.

Mo grins.

Enwah says, "Fishermens secret."

Klahtok says, "Les, You're the only guildleader I've ever known and it's been an honor. I hope our paths cross again some day."

Hordesman Les says, "You done good."

Klahtok smiles.

Klahtok says, "Thanks, means a lot."

Hordesman Les asks, "I go home now?"

Mo nods to Hordesman Les.

Mo says, "Take care, my brother. Thank you."

Grungy says, "Take care, Les."

You say, "Catch many fish."

Grungy bows to Hordesman Les.

Hordesman Les just went out.

Rajao says, "Aw, Les is so nice."

Mo says, "He's good kid."

Enwah says, "Les did amazingly well while you were gone Mo."

Rajao says, "I didn't train under him at all."

Squanto says, "He did."

Squanto says to Mo, "But we missed you."

Mo says, "I'm glad to hear he did good and you liked him."

Rajao asks Mo, "Where does the Riverhaven Guild go from here?"

Mo says, "I think it stays put."

Mo chuckles.

You laugh!

Grungy asks, "Have you heard of the work being done by some that are trying to rebuild parts of the Riverhaven Guild, Mo?"

Mo says, "It'd be nice."

Mo chuckles.

Mo says, "I ain't funding it."

Grungy says, "I believe there are many who are trying to donate for the cause."

Mo says, "We shall see."

Mo says, "Alright, time for me to try and settle in."

You say, "I believe rest is what Mo cares for most now. Not new floorboards."

Rajao says, "It's good to have you home, Mo."

Enwah exclaims, "I look forward to yer thwaps for me trainin!"

Grungy says, "I will see you all on the battlefield."

Croegar grabs Mo's forearm in a vise-like grip and shakes him violently, greeting him like a long-lost Barbarian sibling.

Squanto lets out a loud "Huzzah!" for Mo!

Enwah gets an impish expression on his face, and lets out a hearty cheer.

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