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== Look ==
== Look ==
[[File:Sekmeht-Dork.png|thumb|400px|Right|Sums it up! [https://www.deviantart.com/obsidiankaesken/gallery/ Ty Obsidian!]]]
[[File:Sekmeht-Dork.png|thumb|400px|Right|Sums it up! [https://www.deviantart.com/obsidiankaesken/gallery/ Ty Obsidian!]]]
[[File:Sekmeht_Character.png|thumb|200px|right|Sekmeht Hawt]]
[[File:Sekmeht_Character.png|thumb|200px|right|Sekmeht Usho]]
[[File:Sekmeht-Hawt-Port.jpg|thumb|400px|Right|'Tog Baller, Shot Caller]]
[[File:Sekmeht-Hawt-Port.jpg|thumb|400px|Right|'Tog Baller, Shot Caller]]

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Sekmeht Usho
Status Active
Race Gor'Tog
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime


Sums it up! Ty Obsidian!
Sekmeht Usho
'Tog Baller, Shot Caller
Icon barbarian.gif

He is Green Death Sekmeht Usho, Deathsmith of Elanthia, a Gor'Tog.
He has a square-jawed face and dark crystal eyeglass lenses shading silver-flecked steely grey eyes. He has a well-defined build.
He is one who towers among others for a Gor'Tog.
A shimmering black diamond skull rests on his forehead, just above his eyes.
He appear to be elderly.
He has a full and luxurious beard comprised of countless spirals that tumble down his chest in a mass of rioting curls.
His forearm has a tattoo of a faded identification number.

He is holding a monstrous sterak axe of twin kertig blades inset with rows of razor-sharp spines in his right hand.
He is wearing a darkened leather headband marred with numerous bite marks, a firestained orichalcum black widow with an orange hourglass,
a matte black leather combat baldric with a haralun cyclops' skull-shaped buckle, a hand-stitched traveler's pack,
some somber black combat leathers reinforced with shadowleaf scales, a gleaming agonite ceremonial shield engraved with a labyrinthine design,
a Musparan silk belt sash with a silversteel assassin's blade hanging from it and some bloodstained steel-toed boots with tarnished skull buckles.



Family Affiliations:


History / Background


Crafted Weapon Register
The following weapons are hereby certified and stamped via Complex Mark with "the image of a roaring Gor'Tog Barbarian raising a forging hammer high above his head, the word "Usho" set into the handle with stylized flame lettering".

Name Template Composition Weight Crafted for Year
Trothfang's Gift Svidaw Sis 67% Tyrium / 33% Platinum 83 Stones Tennman 432
Kertigen's Tailfeather Bastard Sword 67% Glaes / 33% Oravir 27 Stones Meliodaas 432
Firulf's Skull Bar Mace 67% Glaes / 33% Oravir 36 Stones Meliodaas 432
Damaris's Fang Throwing Spike 67% Glaes / 33% Oravir 12 Stones Meliodaas 432
Asketi's Spine Nightstick 67% Glaes / 33% Oravir 21 Stones Meliodaas 432
Hav'roth's Strike Light Spear 67% Glaes / 33% Oravir 21 Stones Meliodaas 432

Standard weapon orders are made with a basic stamp and simply contain the initials "S.U." and not listed above.


Discord: Sekmeht#0858