Sacrifice command

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You glance about with murderous intent.


The SACRIFICE verb allows the world to glimpse how very bloodthirsty you are.

Cleric Syntax

Clerics of at least 20 circles and 20 wisdom can learn the ability from Undertaker Khurek.

  • Animal sacrifice
Animal is supported, but the sacrificial animals have not been introduced yet.
  • Person sacrifice
You can sacrifice a willing person at an altar. Sprinkle Holy oil on your target, then SACRIFICE them TO <dark god>.
If you attempt at a Light Aspect altar, the cleric performing the sacrifice will be drained of all devotion, not sure how it works when it comes to using a Neutral altar.
"You pause, realizing too late Saemaus's abhorrence at spilling innocent blood upon his altar!"
  • Combat sacrifice
Alternately, you may use SACRIFICE in lieu of ATTACK in combat. Be sure that you will be able to land the killing blow after proclaiming a death for your deity in such manner.

There is no timer for devotion gain using sacrifice.