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Description: A property for declaring this source is not commonly available, to trigger the proper handling of rare items. Usually handled by store templates, it may need to be hand entered for events.
Type: boolean

There are currently 81517 items in this property, 15638 of which are incomplete, and 5066 of which are outdated.


This property has the following 1 subproperty:


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ZEF standard-issue battle-staff +true  +
ZEF standard-issue battleaxe +true  +
ZEF standard-issue cutlass +true  +
ZEF standard-issue longsword +true  +
ZEF standard-issue mace +true  +
Zaarin +true  +
Zachriedek box +true  +
Zachriedek effigy +true  +
Zackes +true  +
Zaevas +true  +
Zaffre crystal medallion suspended from a duchess satin ribbon +true  +
Zala canvas vikses +true  +
Zala mirror etched with a set of Rakash eyes +true  +
Zala oilcloth rugursora +true  +
Zala rugursora +true  +
Zalmud +true  +
Zamidren +true  +
Zanthron +true  +
Zareen's Fortune +true  +
Zasele +true  +
Zauldin +true  +
Zaulfung +false  +
Zaulguum-skin armor +true  +
Zayerg +true  +
Zayoshsa +true  +
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