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A repository of changes to the Moon Mage guild during the DragonRealms 3.1 updates.


Distant Gaze

  • Casting will now fail if you are already watching another area through whatever means.

Shadewatch Mirror

  • Can now be cast on invisible/hiding targets. This was always intended with Seer's Sense link but never worked. This now follows the same logic as Locate.
  • Can now view targets that are inside/without windows as long as it is night time. (Honestly, this is to justify it as a Stellar spell instead of a pure Perception spell...)
  • You can now tap the mirror to end the visions.
  • You can no longer gaze into a mirror with another form of remote viewing active (Most likely Distant Gaze).
  • General rewrite stuff (new messaging, possibly some slightly different results due to behind the scenes changes and whatnot).


  • Can now INVOKE SHADOWLING to merge it with your shadow. The shadowling gains protection during the day and mobility with the caster at the cost of becoming a self only effect.
  • INVOKE SHADOW will return the shadowling to its normal state.


  • Additional messaging when you receive a bonus to the weapon's tier based on your weaponsmithing techniques.
  • A further tier bump when the moon's influence is particularly strong.
  • Prereqs are now Dazzle or Dinazen Olkar.

Starlight Sphere

  • No longer usable during the day
  • Generally drains a very low amount of mana for a cyclic spell except when active in combat.
  • Generally will act slower than before
  • Redid the logic for how constellations influence it's behavior
  • Secondary damage changed from fire to impact
  • Changed preqs to DO or Burn
  • General clean up (In messaging and whatnot)

Steps of Vuan

  • Cycle time increased, resulting in a slower reforming but lower mana cost.
  • Receiving no messaging at all when releasing this spell while not invisible will be fixed.

Refractive Field

  • Receiving no messaging when releasing this spell while not invisible will be fixed.

Artificer's Eye

Shadow Servant

  • Requires Moongate as a prereq.
  • Note: If items are stored in this when the spell preview ends, they will be unavailable until the spell is relearned.


  • Prereqs are now Focus Moonbeam and either Dazzle or Dinazen Olkar.


Most sects have an extended duration with one spell as shown below:

  • Compact = Cage of Light
  • Nomad = Clear Vision
  • Pethian = Piercing Gaze
  • Progeny = Shadows
  • Fortune's Path = Seer's Sense (self cast only)

The oddballs:

  • Monks = Moonblade (They unlock the tier bonus at a lower threshold of moon strength than others.)
  • Heritage House = Unleash (Reduced chance to destroy scrolls.)


  • Light-based creatures have been updated. [3]
  • Backtrace no longer requires Locate, it is available to all.

Post 3.1

  • Crystal Spike is slated to come back as a Stellar spell called Celestial Spike. This will not make 3.1 and may be delayed significantly afterward.
  • Shadow Web is not slated to return until a useful purpose for it can be developed.


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