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Cloth, Leather, and Bone armor have been combined into the Light Armor skill. This skill determines your ability to manuever in all of these kinds of armor. There is no mixing penaly between cloth, leather, and bone.

Light armor is the popular choice of armor for armor tertiaries and stealthy characters due to the generally low manuavering hindrance and low stealth hinderance.

Type Weight Hinderance Protection Absorption
Bone 4 4 2* 3*
Leather 3 3 3 2
Cloth 1 2 4 1
  • This chart[1] was made before the release of bone armor and since then it was determined that bone's protection/absorbance distribution now favors protection and slightly moreso than leather.

Spells and abilities that boost Light Armor

Spells and abilities that decrease Light Armor


Cloth Armor

  • When considering armor think more along the lines of a ski jacket rather than a thin t-shirt.
  • Cloth armor has the absolute lowest stealth hindrance possible short of forgoing armor altogether.
  • Silk and Burlap have the highest physical resistance. Wool has the highest elemental resistances.



Additional puncture protection and absorbance


Additional impact protection and slice absorbance


Less puncture protection and additional impact protection and absorbance

Leather Armor

Leather armor can be made out of the pelts, skins, and hides of dead critters. Sharkskin is known for its low hindrance (and low construction), and Shalswar is favored by characters that have already reached the minimum hindrance for its high protection.



Additional puncture protection
Additional electrical protection


Additional impact protection


Additional slice protection
Less electrical protection

Bone Armor

Bone armor is generally any armor that's not made primarily from metal, leather, or cloth. Anything from bamboo armor with interwoven finger bones to a giant tortoise shell would fall under this category.



Even distribution between puncture/slice/impact
Additional fire absorbance and more electrical protection


Additional slice absorbance and less impact absorbance


Less puncture protection, less slice absorbance, and additional impact protection and absorbance
Additional electical absorbance

Training Strategies

Armor learning is proportional to body coverage.


With the advent of 3.0, cloth and bone armors were rebalanced to have their defense values closer to each other so that there wouldn't be such large disparity between damage types.

In 2012, cloth armor crafting was released with new cloth armor stats. At Guildfest 405 (2012) two shops had updated merchandise that used the new stats: Goods for Life and Essential Sects. In early 2013, bone armor crafting was released with its new stats.


Previous cloth: Double-breasted coat tailored of dark steelsilk

Type Protection Absorbance
Puncture 03 - fair 03 - low
Slice 02 - low 02 - poor
Impact 08 - very high 10 - very high
Fire 02 - low 02 - poor
Cold 08 - very high 10 - very high
Electrical 05 - good 06 - moderate

Current cloth: Double-breasted coat tailored of dark steelsilk (2)

Type Protection Absorbance
Puncture 06 - very good 06 - moderate
Slice 06 - very good 07 - good
Impact 07 - high 06 - moderate
Fire 04 - moderate 04 - some fair
Cold 04 - moderate 04 - some fair
Electrical 02 - low 02 - poor


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