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Cloth Armor Discussion · on 01/15/2012 02:27 PM CST 1212
Just wanted to initiate a quick discussion about the upcoming cloth armor release. Data mining has shown cloth armor to be rather unpopular, and I would like some validation that this new direction will be more appealing to people.

This is the current plan for armor tiering using approximate ranking values -

Plate - Weight: 8, Hindrance: 5, Absorption: 6, Protection: 5
Brig - Weight: 7, Hindrance: 4, Absorption: 5, Protection: 4
Chain - Weight: 5, Hindrance: 2, Absorption: 4, Protection: 1

Bone - Weight: 4, Hindrance: 4, Absorption: 3, Protection: 2
Leather - Weight: 3, Hindrance: 3, Absorption: 2, Protection: 3
Cloth - Weight: 1, Hindrance: 2, Absorption: 1, Protection: 4

One oddity here is hindrance. Each Guild has a % to which they can work off armor hindrance for each category. So Paladins can work off more Plate armor than Rangers or Warrior Mages. The light armors can be worked off by more Guilds and to a larger extent than the metal armors already, so giving them a lower hindrance doesn't really accomplish much (other than push prot/absorb lower).

In the new cloth armor crafting system, cloth armor will have hindrance comparable to chain but most everyone will be able to work it down further than chain. Not to mention it is much ligher. This also gives some distinction to each light armor style without making any one useless.

Anyhow, thought I'd share and try to get some opinions and discussion going.

This message was originally posted in Lore \ Outfitting Skill, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.