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This command will tell you whether you're in a justice zone or not. Additional messaging is provided, per province, when your Social Outrage is at or above the suspicious threshold. If you're squeaky clean you will see nothing beyond the justice type of the area you're in.

The justice command will also alert you if there are characters in your room that share your character's convictions about necromancy and have made that known to Fidakel, Velzor or Zenriel.



Example Messaging

You're fairly certain this area is lawless and unsafe.
You are regarded as a monster by the good folk of Zoluren.
You are regarded as a monster by the good folk of Therengia.
Your reputation in Ilithi is criminal and the government actively seeks to arrest you.
In Qi'Reshalia it is widely believed that you are some kind of sorcerer.
The citizens of Forfedhar are growing suspicious of you.
You believe that XXXX shares your attitude that all necromancers are evil. (shared attitude towards necromancy)

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