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Used to search out a single item from the surroundings based on the Outdoorsmanship skill.


  • FORAGE will forage for a random item available in the room.
  • FORAGE <ITEM> will forage only for the specified <ITEM>.

Game Help

FORAGE allows you to find items which grow or accumulate naturally in the area.  Your ability to forage is skill based, but also influenced heavily by the season, time of day and environmental factors.  Foraging in dark mines and city streets is possible, but most material can only be found in the wilderness.

COLLECT <item> - Searches the area for multiple examples of the specified item.  This takes more time than any other option, but will create a pile on the ground.
FORAGE - Searches the area randomly.
FORAGE <item> - Searches the area for a specific type of object.
FORAGE <item> CAREFUL - Much like the previous option, but with a better eye for size.  FORAGE CAREFUL takes longer, but if it's successful will find items that are larger or come with more portions to be used before being fully consumed.
FORAGE <item> PRECISE - Like the previous two options, FORAGE PRECISE takes longer still but selects among only the largest and most potent specimen you can find in the area.

While FORAGE CAREFUL and FORAGE PRECISE can be used to find any item, its bonus only applies to items that can be found with variable quantity or potency, such as herbs.

FORAGE RECALL - List of items that may be found in the room.  Does not take into account time based conditions, such as time of day, moons, time of year, or weather.  It also only shows things most easily found in areas like this, not things that can be found with an increased difficulty.


CAREFUL searches for a higher quality example of the foraged item, and thus has a slightly higher level of difficulty, higher quality herbs, and gives a longer roundtime. Survival tertiary guilds cannot use the CAREFUL option.

PRECISE is similarly more difficult, with an even longer roundtime than CAREFUL, and results in an even higher quality herbs. The more Outdoorsmanship skill you have, the better quality item you will find. Survival primary guilds, Empaths, and those with the Remedial Herb Gathering technique can use the PRECISE option.

The order of quality from lowest to highest is as follows: COLLECT, FORAGE, FORAGE CAREFUL, FORAGE PRECISE.


  • FORAGE results in 4 seconds.
  • FORAGE CAREFUL results in 7 seconds.
  • FORAGE PRECISE results in 10 seconds.

Also See

  • Foraging
  • Healing herbs
  • COLLECT command: COLLECT will create a pile of the target item. The greater your Outdoorsmanship skill, the more items will be in your pile. The appearance of a pile will vary based on the guild of the person looking at it.

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