Congruence sigil

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This is a primary sigil used in the Enchanting system. See the Sigil harvesting page for information on how to scribe a sigil.


On this scroll you see a <quality> congruence sigil comprised of <precision> strokes. A sigil of alignment, found at points of parallel in the world.


As the sigil type can change from room-to-room, please be as specific as possible when documenting a location.


  • [The Crossing, Immortals' Approach], the room just outside the Temple gates (winter)


  • [Riverhaven, Stone Bridge], the room outside the east gate (spring)
  • [Riverhaven Road, South Road], outside the east gate, both rooms (spring)


  • Whitehall Commons housing area, by the lattice, the urn, Hodierna's fountain and the oak tree (spring)
  • [The Second-Floor Hallway], go door then climb stairs from the SW room of the Shard south bridge (spring)