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Techniques are special knowledge in a crafting discipline that make performing tasks in that discipline easier. Certain tasks cannot be performed at all without knowledge of the appropriate technique.

To check which techniques you know, use the CRAFT command. it lists how many you can get in each discipline, which ones you know, and what your career and hobby or hobbies, if any, are. CRAFT <discipline> (example CRAFT CARVING) will list the techniques you have learned for that discipline.

Players can STUDY crafting society masters for help.

* [You can ASK <NPC> ABOUT <discipline> to learn more about that crafting Discipline]
* [You can ASK <NPC> ABOUT <career/hobby> to learn more about those]
* [You can ASK <NPC> ABOUT CHOOSING <career/hobby> <discipline> to pick that as your own]
* [You can ASK <NPC> ABOUT LEARNING <technique> to learn that technique]
* [You can ASK <NPC> ABOUT FORGETTING <technique> to forget that technique]
* [You can ASK <NPC> ABOUT TECHNIQUE <technique name> to learn more about that technique]
* [You can ASK <NPC> FOR <difficulty> <discipline> WORK while holding a logbook]
* [You can ASK <NPC> ABOUT MINING for instructions on how to do that]