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* Citizen of [[Ilithi]]
* Citizen of [[Ilithi]]
* Member of the [[House of the Verdant Lily]]
* Member of the [[House of the Verdant Lily]]
* Devout worshiper of [[Firulf]]
* Experienced [[Armorsmith]]
* Experienced [[Armorsmith]]

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Anuind Lyndon
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime
Relatives Veresa

General Information


You see Anuind Lyndon of the House of the Verdant Lily, an Elothean Paladin.
Anuind has frown lines around his mouth, tilted almond-shaped eyes, one hazel and one milky white, a straight nose and a cleft chin. Your golden brown hair is short and straight, and is worn tied back. You have fair skin and a brawny build.
He is tall for an Elothean.
He appears to be one of the Wise.
He is clean shaven.
He has a tattoo of a white rose encircled by a blood-stained thorny vine on his arm.


A small selection of mail and plate goods can be found at Myya's Miscellany in Shard's Crystal Plaza.