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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Relatives: Anashia

Married to Anashia. Was involved in the killing of Thorrick.

Bone Elf feared by Lasarhhtha the Bone Dancer, who was hunting him along with Anashia to get a massive leather bound tome cornered in tarnished silver that Lasarhhtha stole from them. Amaggo and Anashia later, with others stormed Lasarhhtha's manor in Leth Deriel, killing him and retrieving their book.

Also allowing the Moon Mage guild to recover part of the Deceiver Artifact that could open gates which Taramaine used opening a gate to allow Tezirah to escape. She was defeated and sent back to her plane and so ended the Mirror Wraith Prophecy.