Zivis Cehs

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Zivis Cehs
Province Therengia
Town Siksraja
Map Ranik's Map 149
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Fishing Supply shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Siksraja, Zivis Cehs]
The faint scent of fish tickles your nose in this neat as a pin shack. A long wood counter, with a rack above it, lines the back wall. Diagonally suspended between two corners is a hammock fashioned from used fish nets. A huge glass bowl, filled with dirt and alive with worms, props the door open. You also see a net hammock.

In the porcelain basin
Item Price Done
night-black envelope 50   
small white envelope 50   
folded maroon envelope 50   
dark orange envelope 50   
light blue envelope 50   
muddy tan envelope 50   
pale yellow envelope 50   
sea-green envelope 50   
Color-coded basin envelopes have the below listed size hooks in them. Night-black-5, pale yellow-10, small white-20, light blue-30, sea-green-40, dark orange-50, muddy tan-60 and maroon-70.
In the metal tray
Item Price Done
rectangular pink envelope 50   
lime-green envelope 50   
light periwinkle envelope 50   
deep magenta envelope 50   
small brown envelope 50   
spotted tangerine envelope 50   
gold-flecked cyan envelope 50   
striped puce envelope 50   
Color-coded envelopes on the tray contain the listed size line. Small brown-5, pink-10, lime-green-20, puce-30, tangerine-40, cyan-50, magenta-60 and periwinkle-70.
In the old trap
Item Price Done
shallow grey box 70   
lopsided red box 80   
wide purple box 75   
small white box 80   
The contents of the bait boxes are as listed. Shallow grey-dead fish, wide purple-live grasshoppers, lopsided red-tiny minnows and small white-a large glob of fish eggs.
On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
wood-chip fishing creel 120   
handwoven ash fishing creel 120   
braided grass fishing creel 120   
On the wall rack
Item Price Done
collapsible rattan fishing pole 500   
collapsible teak fishing pole 750   
collapsible willow fishing pole 600   
collapsible birch fishing pole 700   
collapsible oak fishing pole 650   
collapsible bamboo fishing pole 550