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Wire brushes are used to clean a metal, wood or stone surface when making repairs. Wire brushes can be purchased at forging societies or found as incidental loot on some quests.


  • RUB <item to be repaired> with brush.
  • SCRAPE <item to be repaired> with brush.
  • CLEAN <item to be repaired> with brush.


Item:Iron wire brushfalseextremely ineffective3well7
Item:Sturdy wire brush with a birch handlefalseextremely ineffective3well7
Iron wire brushtrueextremely ineffective3well7
Item:Wire-bristled brushtruetruevery effective8exceptional10
Sturdy wire brush with a birch handletrueextremely ineffective3well7
Sturdy wire brush with stiff bristlestrueextremely ineffective3well7
Wire-bristled brushtruevery effective8exceptional10

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