Warrior Mage Guildhall (Muspar'i)

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Warrior Mage Guildhall (Muspar'i)
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Jharlan
# of Rooms 13
Store Type Warrior Mage shops
This store only accepts Lirums

This Warrior Mage Guildhall is found through the gate off the NW corner of Sanyrsen's Square near the Muspar'i Great Gate.

Courtyard (Entry & Shop)

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Courtyard]
A great tower of black stone rises high overhead with a pair of massive double doors leading within. Its buttresses and outrunning columns cast long shadows across the courtyard, which is occupied primarily by two long tables of black oak set up to either side of the lane, displaying various wares to passersby. The bright buntings draping down from the tables' canopy create a daring splash of color, offsetting the other rather austere surroundings.
You also see some broad steps and a tall blackened steel gate.
Obvious paths: none.

Preparation Hall

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Preparation Hall]
Long tapestries sewn in deep, rich colors drape the polished stone walls of the preparation hall. Stools and straight-backed chairs are scattered about for the use of those entering the arena and those waiting to join the line. The scent of sandalwood hangs in the air, drifting from incense burners placed in the four corners of the room.
You also see some broad steps, a strangely heavy ebony door inscribed with silver warding sigils and a huge stone archway.
Obvious paths: west.

Hall of Masters

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Hall of Masters]
The stone walls are dense and thick, draping the hall in a curtain of heavy, reverent silence. Every other panel in each wall is carved with images, alternating with clear crystal oil lamps that burn with strange blue flames. Those buried in the Hall of Masters lie at rest beneath the stone floor, their names engraved atop granite slabs turned dark with age.
Obvious paths: east.

  • Multiple slabs in this room are burial markers for Warrior Mages of note.
  • This room has many atmospheric messages; likely the air elemental remnant of Alhaani‎, as referred to in the book Life of Alhaani.


[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Foyer]
The entryway to the guild is sparse and utilitarian, but its seamless stone walls and heavy floor tiles are undoubtedly crafted from the finest of materials. A pair of massive double doors dominates the south wall, directly opposite the heavily carved archway leading into the Guildmaster's office. Two towering cobras with glittering emerald eyes watch over the hall from either side of the arch.
You also see a fire elemental and a pair of graceful twin staircases.
Obvious exits: east, west.

Guildmaster's Study

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Guildmaster's Study]
Cool stone walls of pale grey granite, trimmed in dark-stained oak, enclose the study in an atmosphere of careful, contemplative elegance. A monstrous oaken desk dominates one wall, a thick silk rug stretching between it and the equally large fireplace across the room. At the desk, the guildmaster sits in a chair that just barely falls short of being a throne.
You also see Guildmaster Jharlan that is sitting, a shining firebird and a black leather-bound grimoire.
Obvious exits: out.


[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Library]
Dark mahogany paneling lines the walls but is barely visible, for every scrap of space against the wall is covered with shelving stacked neatly with books. A special crosshatched wooden shelf stands just to the right of the entryway, full of scrolls. Heavy curtains, made of a material that makes them seem to shimmer, drape over the three stone arches leading into the gardens, helping to keep dust and debris from outside at bay, preserving the precious stock of the library.
You also see a dizzying spiral staircase and a book case with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

Meditation Room

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Meditation Room]
Pale starlight streams in from the six expansive windows arrayed around the room, bathing the wooden meditation benches and floor tiles in a wash of soft shadow. The verdant palms whisper occasionally in a gentle air current coming from the entryway, causing their silhouettes over the intricate Sun Maze mosaic set into the floor to ripple.
You also see a dizzying spiral staircase.
Obvious exits: none.

Earth Garden

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Earth Garden]
The air seems thicker in the Earth Garden by night, filled with the muted but heady scents of a myriad exotic herbs. The stacked-stone trellises, draped with sleeping honeysuckle flowers, cast long, strange shadows across the pebbled paths.
You also see a shallow hole in the ground, a towering arch of stacked sandstone blocks inscribed with the sigil for earth and a raised platform of packed earth.
Obvious paths: northeast.

  • The hole is a trash bin.
  • The following flowers can be picked here:
  • Additionally, the platform will randomly produce one of the following (possibly after charging from an elemental magic user?):

Fire Garden

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Fire Garden]
By night the Fire Garden shines with elemental light. Tiny sparks of magic rest inside each gigantic crimson bloom, illuminating the flowers from within. The glowing petals cast soft shadows that dance about the steep rock formations that support them.
You also see an intricately carved arch of deep red agate inscribed with the sigil for fire and a stone fountain.
Obvious paths: southwest, northwest.

Electricity Garden

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Electricity Garden]
Pathways of gleaming black stone snake around the garden, forking abruptly before large marble pots of strange herbs. A faint, tingling energy hangs continuously in the air, filling it with a sense of unrelieved anticipation.
You also see a tall arch of sparkling snowflake obsidian inscribed with the sigil for electricity and some strange blue-glowing flowers.
Obvious paths: southeast.


[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Armory]
Three tall arches lead out from the armory, one on each wall opposite and adjacent to the eastern passageway. While the floorboards here are sanded, they are not polished, offering better traction when the weapons that line the walls are tested.
You also see an ebonwood weapons rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

Air Garden

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Air Garden]
The snowy flowers of the Air Garden lie closed against the chill night air, their soft fragrances made softer in repose. Pale sapphire lights move in a slow waltz around the curving paths as silent air elementals tend their charges.
You also see a tall spiraling statue formed of polished granite wrens circling a massive hollow obelisk and a wind-sculpted arch of glittering white stone inscribed with the sigil for air.
Obvious paths: northwest.

  • Non-WM's are unable to pick the flowers here.

Water Garden

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Water Garden]
Bubbling water provides cool music to the night, accented by the occasional larger splash as a water elemental grows bold in its play. The shallow pools wreathing the garden cast off a pale silvery glow, muting the colors of the flowers that surround them. Huge irises, dyed a deep indigo by the ambient darkness, twine around one large stone archway that leads down to the south.
You also see a liquidly graceful arch of pale blue slate inscribed with the sigil for water.
Obvious paths: northeast, southeast.

  • Non-WM's are unable to pick the iris here.

Aether Garden

[Sho'hhs Migendaniis, Aether Garden]
By night, long shadows creep across the length of this garden, cast down from the tall walls that bracket two of its edges and the spidery tendrils of climbing vines that anchor there. The richly sweet scent of wood violets hangs in the air, for dozens of the little flowers gather in silent enclaves beneath black marble benches that bracket the crushed obsidian pathway.
You also see a strange twisted rod capped with a silver sphere and a shadowed arch of gleaming black stone inscribed with the sigil for aether.
Obvious paths: southwest.

  • The following can be picked in this room: