Wandering Woodsman (1)

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The Wandering Woodsman
Event Guildfest 401, Guildfest 405
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Ranger shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[The Wandering Woodsman]
Made of only the best quality hides which have been tanned and oiled to near transparency, the resulting effect is a light and airy, though not especially warm, tent. Several tables, racks and a burlap-padded mannequin are set up in a semicircle along the walls. All of the furniture surrounds a coffee pot that is simmering on a warm brazier set up near the center.
You also see the way out and a door to the back room.
Obvious exits: west.

On the burlap-padded mannequin
Item Price Done
circlet of autumn leaves with a golden silk veil 2,500   
leaf-toned silk gown dyed in a shifting pattern of subtle greens 20,000   !!
pair of autumn-gold sandals 3,000   
On the pine table
Item Price Done
russet suede split skirt with leaf embroidery 9,000   !!
leaf-patterned doeskin vest 10,000   
cream silk shirt with leaf embroidery 3,000   
knee-high doeskin moccasins dyed forest-green 2,500   !!
brown leather pants with tooling at the hems 3,000   !!
well-worn hunter's rucksack 10,000   
On the wooden tray (which is on a square black table)
Item Price Done
platinum engagement ring with a leaf-shaped peridot 30,000   
electrum engagement ring engraved with wolves 150   
gold engagement ring shaped in the form of a stag's head 10,000   
silver engagement ring carved with a jade raccoon 50,000   
In the wool-lined basket (which is on a square black table)
Item Price Done
electrum wedding band engraved with wolves 10,000   
platinum band engraved with stylized leaves 30,000   
gold band figured with running stags 15,000   
silver wedding band with an enameled design of raccoons 5,000   
On the cedar table
Item Price Done
divided riding skirt with oak leaf buttons along the front 8,000   !!
dark green suede blouse with billowy sleeves 4,000   
rugged forester's boots 3,000   !!
soft suede tunic with oak leaf detailing 7,000   
tan buckskin pants 4,000   
oiled leather traveler's pack 5,000   
On the clothing racks
Item Price Done
embroidered leaf-green suede cloak 8,000   !!
forest-green cloak embroidered with autumn leaves 8,000   !!
heavy wool cloak dyed with wild horses 8,000   
forest-shaded leather cloak 8,000   !!

Wardens Quarters

[The Wandering Woodsman, Wardens Quarters]
This portion of the tent is a bit darker with hides of a thicker, heavier variety. Stone tables display some of the larger items beneath the more congruous racks and shelves that line the walls of the modestly-sized interior. A large granite statue of a wolf stands guard at the flap.
You also see a flap that has something written on it and a large sign.
Obvious exits: east.

A flap reads:
"Sorry, this section of the tent is not ready for business yet as the furniture is still under construction. Check back later!"

A large sign reads:
"The Wardens Quarters is still a work in progress so there are only a few things on display at this time. Check back later as more things are completed every day!"

On the sturdy shelf
Item Price Done
leaf-encrusted leather quiver 4,000   !!
black leather arm quiver studded with silver fangs 3,500   
On the long shelf
Item Price Done
laminated horn composite bow 40,000   !!
On the stone table
Item Price Done
leaf-encrusted leather armor (1) 25,000   !!
leaf-encrusted leather helm (1) 5,000   !!
leaf-encrusted leather gloves (1) 2,000   !!
horse-like mask with leather tipped ears at the top (1) 3,500   !!
brown fur-covered greaves with hoof-like coverings at the feet (1) 1,500   !!
sleek fur-covered coat (1) 15,000   !!
hardened black leather gloves (1) 1,500   !!
thorn-encrusted leather gloves (1) 2,500   !!
thorn-encrusted leathers (1) 30,000   !!
thorn-encrusted leather mask (1) 10,000   !!
On the narrow rack
Item Price Done
leather-wrapped belt knife 2,000   
engraved belt knife bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild 2,500   
gold-plated belt knife inlaid with platinum leaves 7,500   
silver belt knife with a raccoon-engraved hilt 3,500   
silver belt knife with a wolf-engraved hilt 3,500   
gold-inlaid belt knife showing the image of a wild horse 5,000   

Back Room

[The Wandering Woodsman, Back Room]
More for work than show, the room features benches stationed on either side of a large, well-worn table. A large basket rests atop the gouged and notched surface, next to a standalone sign. The notice's elegant writing seems slightly out of place in the otherwise utilitarian room.
You also see a door leading back to the main tent.
Obvious exits: none.

In the large basket (which is on a work table)
Item Price Done
Forfedhdar trail map 12,000   
Qi'Reshalia trail map 12,000   
Ilithi trail map 12,000   
Therengia trail map 12,000   
Zoluren trail map 12,000