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Vylencia Idokesha
Race Kaldar
Gender Female
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime

Name: Vylencia Idokesha
Location: Riverhaven, Therengia
Current Age: 31

Born on the 15th day of the 2nd month of Ka'len the Sea Drake in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare, 370 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.


Devotion: Dergati

Grew up in Crossing Middens. Birthplace unknown.

Weapon of Choice: a serrated pugio

Public Records

Citizen of Therengia


You see Madame Vylencia Idokesha, Quickblade of Therengia, a Kaldar.

She has an oval face, tilted amber eyes and a freckled nose. Her auburn hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn coiled atop your head in a regal braided coronet. She has tanned skin and an athletic figure. She is slightly under average height for a Kaldar. Some silver pearls float lazily around her neck, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin. She is an adult.

She is wearing some ebony hairsticks inlaid with intricate silver webbing, a bronze jadeite gwethdesuan, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a deeply-hooded grey cashmere longcoat trimmed with black leather, some silver pearls, a gleaming animite key, a copperwood shortbow, a pearly grey duffel bag embroidered with a tower shield, a slender mistsilk sack shadow-embroidered with tiny flowers, a pearly grey backpack embroidered with a warhorse, a fitted black silk bodice with a lace-filled sweetheart neckline, a black leather arm quiver studded with silver fangs, a pearl signet ring etched with a warhorse, an albredine crystal ring, a chipped onyx band inlaid with a fractured soulstone, a heretic's sword belt sporting heavy puncture holes, a grey lockpick ring, an etched silver vial strung from intricate chain mesh, a ruined book of "Faith and Soul" tethered by a tarnished steel chain, some black leather leggings striped with white satin, a black silk garter with a delicate lace fringe and a pair of heretic's boots with blackened steel-capped toes.