Visfarej Cehs (obsolete)

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Visfarej Cehs
Province Therengia
Town Siksraja
Map Ranik's Map 149
# of Rooms 2
Store Type General shops, Container shops, Alchemy shops, Clothing shops, Rakash shops
This store only accepts Lirums

This version of the shop is obsolete as of 2/7/2016. It is included for the purpose of auto-sourcing old inventory. For the current version, see Visfarej Cehs.

[Visfarej Cehs]
Merchandise hangs from every available beam and stocked shelves run around the room. An empty stool sits next to a high counter as a clerk busily sorts through some items on a table. You also see a shallow trunk, an iron hook with a variog on it, a medium shelf with some stuff on it, a pole rack with some stuff on it, a wood cabinet and a thick door.
Obvious exits: east.

In the shallow trunk
Item Price Done
valta sega 1,300   
vruna sega 1,000   
sildit sega 1,200   
On the table
Item Price Done
light blue towel with navy binding 600   
blood red towel embroidered with a black sword 1,100   
fluffy white towel edged with thick grosgrain ribbon 600   
On the large shelf
Item Price Done
relna rugursora 180   !!
vruna rugursora 180   !!
zila rugursora 180   !!
zala rugursora 180   !!
On the high counter
Item Price Done
stone mortar 800   
small glass jar 375   !!
stone pestle 500   
mixing stick 20   
On the iron hook
Item Price Done
variog 550   !!!!
On the medium shelf
Item Price Done
twisted reed torch 86   
paper lockpick case 350   !!
hide scraper 270   
flint 100   No
carving knife 138   
In the wood cabinet
Item Price Done
sugar 6   !!
coarse salt 6   
On the dusty tray
Item Price Done
tincture jar 3,650   
In the wood box
Item Price Done
grain alcohol 180   
candle 30   
On the pole rack
Item Price Done
ada krekls 1,000   !!
colorfully embroidered vluze 2,500   
relna josta 1,000   !!
forfra safos 2,000   !!
relna vikses 1,000   !!
In the soap dish
Item Price Done
bar of soap 25   !!

[Garidznawk Cehs]]
Pushed against one wall is a white table decorated with the emblems of various gods rendered in a rainbow of colors. A braided rug set beneath a small table and two plain wood chairs completes a cozy corner for contemplation or conversation. You also see a small stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the small stand
Item Price Done
blue cameo Enelne medallion strung on a silver chain 2,240   
Coshivi statuette 500   
gold Mrod medallion strung on a black leather cord 12,800   No
Mrod statuette 500   
onyx Coshivi medallion strung on a copper chain 5,800   
Enelne statuette 500   
On the white table
Item Price Done
lavender 22   !!
gold chalice 25,850   
silver censer 750   
silver vial 1,300   
fragrant incense 58   !!
holy oil 890   
deep red wine (2) deep red wine   
chamomile 22   
On the small table
Item Price Done
prayer chime 500