Vatari's Ritual Addiction (4)

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Vatari's Ritual Addiction
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
Owner Vatari
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Magic shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Vatari's Ritual Addiction, Permanent Fixes]
Smooth leather walls of overlaid straps with silver studs rise up around a dark haon floor. Dim sconces cast irregular shadows across the room, revealing a collection of haphazardly arranged tables. A curtain of dangling chains hangs along the backwall. You also see a silversteel pedestal with a couple of things on it, a large eye-searing yellow sign and a leather-covered door.
Obvious exits: none.

A large eye-searing yellow sign reads:

               ~Focus vs Foci:  The Definitions~

It has come to my attention that you morons do not know the difference between 'focus' and 'foci.'  
Allow me to provide some definitions even your simple minds should comprehend.

Focus - singular noun - an item used in ritual spells to increase the probability of a successful cast.
Usage:  I purchased a focus from Vatari's shop.

Foci - plural noun - Multiple items used in ritual spells.
Usage:  Vatari sells excellent foci that I should buy.
On the silversteel pedestal
Item Price Done
slender flask of engraved electrum 1,804,000   !!
A placard reads:
"This focus item may be used
On the oval table labeled "Holy"
Item Price Done
plush paladin doll wearing tin plate with labyrinthine sigils 902,000   No
pile of stuffed manure in a sigil-stitched cart 902,000   No
lumpy rainbow-colored orb with labyrinthine sigils 902,000   No
cracked sigil-laced skull darkened with soot 902,000   !!
On the circular table labeled "Elemental"
Item Price Done
lumpy stuffed beer stitched with geometric sigils 902,000   No
fat-headed Gauthus doll with a bright red face 902,000   No
wispy bit of blue gossamer shaped like an air elemental 902,000   No
burnt-looking plush phoenix wearing a flame costume 902,000   No
On the square table labeled "Life"
Item Price Done
bulbous alfar guardian with chubby cheeks 902,000   No
floppy felted foil with knotwork sigils 902,000   No
elaborate plush vela'tohr plant 902,000   No
cowering warrior doll stitched with knotwork sigils 902,000   No
On the triangular table labeled "Lunar"
Item Price Done
plush voidspawn stitched with complex sigils 902,000   !!
googly-eyed Kssarh doll 902,000   No
single sock with a small threadbare hole 902,000   No
warped mirror displaying esoteric sigils 902,000   !!