Vatari's Ritual Addiction (1)

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Vatari's Ritual Addiction
Event Hollow Eve Festival 410
Owner Vatari
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Magic shops, Jewelry shops, Toy shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Vatari's Ritual Addiction, Permanent Fixes]
Smooth leather walls of overlaid straps with silver studs rise up around a dark haon floor. Dim sconces cast irregular shadows across the room, revealing a collection of haphazardly arranged tables. A curtain of dangling chains hangs along the backwall.
You also see a "WHAT ARE FOCI" sign, a painted notice hung on the wall, a leather-covered door, a silversteel pedestal with a couple of things on it and a Vatari list.
Obvious exits: none.

A "WHAT ARE FOCI" sign reads:

1.  A focus is the singular form of foci.
2.  A focus item is an item used by magical users to aid in the preparation of a ritual spell.
3.  "A foci" is incorrect.  Stop it.  Stop saying it.  Gosh. 

On the triangular table labeled "Lunar"
Item Price Done
polished obsidian beetle with flared wings 902,000   !!
steel sard-tipped rod 902,000   
crystalline dendrite hung on a silver chain 902,000   !!
cross-eyed sackcloth doll stuck with dozens of pins 902,000   !!
electrum necklace strung with three moons 902,000   !!
On the oval table labeled "Holy"
Item Price Done
laminated ceramic triptych 902,000   !!
knotted cord strung with bone beads 902,000   !!
beaded rosary suspending several tiny shields 902,000   !!
gloomwood lens with clear glass 902,000   !!
silver chalice with mottled staining 902,000   !!
On the square table labeled "Life"
Item Price Done
oblong disc of ivory 902,000   !!
mottled bone etched with lurid purple runes 902,000   !!
diminutive fae carrying a viciously-spiked thorn 902,000   !!
cracked geode with chunks of amethyst 902,000   !!
hairless rabbit's foot charm 902,000   !!
On the circular table labeled "Elemental"
Item Price Done
etched adderwood bow 902,000   !!
ruined spellbook covered in stains 902,000   !!
carved pick of ivory marked with several runes 902,000   !!
carved halmik lizard with onyx eyes 902,000   !!
scarlet ribbon choker suspending a flame-shaped ruby 902,000   !!
On the silversteel pedestal
Item Price Done
slender flask of engraved electrum 1,804,000   !!
a placard reads:
"This focus item may be used for any and all purposes, but uses are limited. ~Vatari~"