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The Grey Raven Prison currency is know as "scrip."

A script may refer to either of two uses, depending on context.

Front Ends

The most common use among players is to refer to simple or complex code that runs through their front end. Depending on the front end, it may automate tasks, change highlights, or other tasks.

It should be noted that using a script while unresponsive to the environment is strictly against policy and is severely punished.

A repository of scripts can be found here.


The GMs refer to the code that allows an item to react in special ways as scripts. For example, the code that allows a cambrinth item to store and discharge mana would be a script. Another example would be the code that allows some items to be juggled or the code that controls the atmospheric messaging of any number of items.

An example of what is not a script would be the stats of a weapon, as these do not have "moving parts" so to speak.

In most cases, any given item can only have one script, though it is entirely possible for a single script to have multiple uses. Generally, the single script limit comes into play when the scripts are from two different sources, such as a weapon that is already verby being altered into a cambrinth weapon. In that case, the alterer is almost certain to either deny it or overwrite the verb script.

Example Item Scripts