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I generally only make small updates to bestiary articles, level requirements, things of that nature, so I'm not a massive wiki-man.

I might start getting more into revamping articles, specifically magic 3.0, Experience 3.0, and the stuff related with these game improvements. If I can ever learn the wiki formatting, that is.

If you need to, you can contact me at DRLeito on AIM or leave me a message in my Talk page.

--Leito 20:09, 4 March 2011 (UTC)

DRFuturepast Project

Transferring over to Elanthipedia. Lots of stuff to be transferred and manually entered.

Shops fully transferred will be marked like this:

Freestanding Merchants:

Farhana's Exquisites
Packrat's Paradise (1)
Isfahni's Paradise
- Items all basically have the same look, just a different gem/piece. I only added a few, since creating all those items with only minor differences would be redundant.


  • Races' Mini Festival
  • Jaal Jeraya
  • Jeraya Lanival
This one seems to be transferred already
  • Web Festival
  • Shard Festival I
  • Shard Festival II
  • Feast of Eluned
  • Theren Festival
  • Zoluren Ice Festival
  • Rathan Carnival
  • War Mage Festival
  • Temple Reopening
  • Jeraya Bayajen
  • Wren Faire
  • Trader Minifest
  • Theren Festival II
  • Freestanding
  • Simufest '05