Ambika's NightCrafts

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Ambika's NightCrafts
Event Rarely available
Owner Ambika
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Alchemy shops, Weapon shops, Thief shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Ambika's NightCrafts, Front Room]
The walls of this tidy wagon gleam with ebon paint, the darkness softened by silken panels in moonlight hues cascading to the floor. A black-and-silver tapestry shrouds an alcove in the rear of the wagon, and the air is filled with the scent of warm sandalwood oil from silver-trimmed lanterns set high in the corners. An etched alabaster vase holds a bouquet of starry white hemlock blossoms and scarlet nightshade. You also see a silver-chased door, a scrimshaw ivory table with some stuff on it, a carved ebony stand with some stuff on it, a neatly lettered sign and a dark wooden shelf with some stuff on it. Obvious exits: none.

A neatly lettered sign reads:

I discovered these bandoliers when...visiting the home of Silvyr Darkwinge, 
a craftswoman who was too wealthy for her own...well...just note that *ALL* of the 
bandoliers are designed for throwing blades ONLY. Those on the table are touched with 
magic; those on the stand are not, but are well-crafted all the same. If you should meet 
Silvyr Darkwinge, I suggest you tell her your bandolier is a gift from a distant relative. 
Things will go better for you that way. ~A.S.~

On the ivory table
Item Price Done
deep black bandolier patterned with falling stars of dark crystal 355,678   No
woven black mesh bandolier brushed along the edges with silver 355,678   No
midnight blue bandolier embroidered in black with the stalking panther of Damaris 405,876   !!
On the ebony stand
Item Price Done
black leather bandolier embossed with Dergati's shrike 16,743   !!
dark grey bandolier centered with the image of a striking viper 18,000   No
silvery doeskin bandolier with pale jade buckles 24,355   No
On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
black marble pestle 4,072   
black marble mortar engraved with coiling vipers 9,775   
black velvet alchemy bag stitched in crimson with Dergati's shrike 1,996   !!
indigo linen alchemy bag clasped with a silver nightingale 7,985   !!
pale alabaster pestle 3,559   No
sable velvet alchemy bag embroidered with starry white hemlock blossoms 7,985   !!
pale alabaster mortar 8,752   No

Weapon Sales

[Ambika's NightCrafts, Weapons Sales]
Exquisitely carved nightingales swirl up the wooden panels of this room, rendered in such loving detail that you can almost hear the rustle of feathers. A graceful onyx panther, garlanded with white hemlock blossoms, stands watch next to a shifting black-and-silver tapestry, the sculpture standing nearly as tall as the great predator it represents. You also see a large sign you *should read*, a black marble pedestal with a Phelim's dark star on it, an ivory rack with some stuff on it, a silver bracket with some stuff on it, an iron bracket with a burled walnut siege crossbow on it, a parchment sign and a carved sandalwood stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

A large sign you *should read* reads:

To my brothers and sisters of the shadows: I wish my goods to be available 
to any of you who are interested, and so am taking great risks in openly 
running my business for a few days. However, my items have never been meant 
for bulk purchase and sale. Please limit your purchases to no more than three 
of any single item - this allows you to make choices about what you do with the 
items you purchase here, but still honors the spirit in which I have crafted 
them for you. I thank you for respecting my wishes. 

On the marble pedestal
Item Price Done
Phelim's dark star 99,875   
On the ivory rack
Item Price Done
carved hemlock crossbow with a darkened silver boltplate 194,995   No
laquered copperwood crossbow with an oak stock trimmed in etched bronze 199,375   No
amber-inlaid mahogany crossbow with hammered gold endtips 199,375   No
gleaming ebony crossbow edged in blued steel and set with a panther-etched boltplate 196,875   No
On the silver bracket
Item Price Done
ivory-inlaid crossbow 19,975   !!!!
A parchment sign reads:
I happened across these crossbows while visiting a merchant. After some...persuasion, he gifted me with them. While I did not make them, they are finely-crafted, and meet my standards. They are a fine weapon, even if somewhat antique in design. If you buy one and happen to travel through Shard, you might want to take a moment and cover it with your cloak. I hear that the merchant who...gave them to me has retired in that city.
On the iron bracket
Item Price Done
burled walnut siege crossbow 172,968   No
On the sandalwood stand
Item Price Done
double-beveled stiletto with a goldwashed blade 47,742   No
crescent dagger with a diamond-edged tip 7,559   !!!!
thin-bladed sash dagger 10,500   
razored dagger with a black silk cord-wrapped hilt 11,287   
crescent-bladed shaska 39,375   !!!!
layered steel dirk with a leather-wrapped grip 35,850   !!!!
blued tulwar with etched silver blade braces 23,098