Rejuv *KS* (script)

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Rejuv *KS* (script)
Category Cleric,Utility
Front-end StormFront
Author Kashna

What This Script Does

This is a very basic script designed to cast rejuvenation to restore memories to a corpse. To use it, all you must do is type ".rejuv NAME" where 'NAME' is the name of the corpse.

Things to edit

  1. By default this script casts rejuv at 12 mana, and uses a cambrinth for an additional 15 mana.
  2. You may have a different kind of cambrinth, wish to remove the cambrinth item first, or remove those lines from this script altogether.

Rejuv (Script)

pause 1
put prep rejuv 12
put charg my wristc 15
waitfor roundtime
pause 1
put invoke my wristc
pause 1
waitfor fully prepared to cast your
pause 1
put cast %1
match Rejuv black nimbus
match Rejuv blue nimbus
match Rejuv violet nimbus
match Rejuv red nimbus
match Rejuv pink nimbus
match Rejuv orange nimbus
match Rejuv yellow nimbus
match Rejuv golden nimbus
match Done silver nimbus

pause 1
echo   ************************
echo   ***  Memories preserved  ***
echo   ************************