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Notable Items from Contests

  • an iridescent amethyst icesilk sochi bejeweled with a lilac diamond
Sewn from a generous rectangle of luminous silk, the cloak is tailored to fall in a straight line to the mid-calf. A short, semi-circular over-cape drapes loosely about the shoulders when not drawn into a deeply cowled hood. The silvery white warp threads of the cloak glitter icily against the lavender-hued metallic threads used in the weft of the loom. Shaded purple as pale as shadows on snow the spectacular gem flickers deeper undertones when the light strikes it. A small tag is sewn into the lining.
Designed by Unorina Isderuos and presented to Solantir for first place in the Albarian Foodie Contest. 393.
  • an opulent master brewer's flask made of mikkhalbamar and Forfedhdarian leather
A master brewer's flask reads:
"First Place in the Dwarven Social brewing contest!"
1st Place Entry, Dwarven Ale Contest 396AV, for Biiskbowr Beer




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Malik's in Shard
Rose of the Theater
Sinjian's Bardic Requisites


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At this point, mainly refinements needed on constellations, such as pinning down final dates.


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Sa Klend ut nin Gwenattagis

The Journey of a Windwalker

I am Kraggur, Nenavskan, Malnis, and ‘Dan gwen tage’. Amongst the people of Forfedhdar I have been known for almost a year, amongst those of the River Crossing, Haven, and Shard for several more. As those who know me, my word is my unbreakable bond. Kertigen serve as my witness that the writing following is a true account of the early years of my life before events made me journey to the lands more commonly traveled and inhabited by Man.

Note that this account is broken into several segments with some substantial gaps between. I have done my best to document my age at least to give readers some reference to today’s times. At the time of this writing, 394AV, I am some 56 years old.


Chapter 1 Forfedhdar – “The Land of the Ancestors”
Chapter 2 Fugul Haastli - “The Raven’s Brigade”
Chapter 3  - “The Undead Threat”
Chapter 4  - “The Declaration”
Chapter 5 Gwenattagis – “Windwalker”
Dan gwen tage Nomad (lit. One who walks)
Forfedhdar Land of the Ancestors
Fugul Bird
Gwenat Wind
Haastli Brigade
Malnis Wanderer
Nenavskan Moon Mage
Nin A/An
Sa The
Tage Walker


For a full accounting of Kraggur’s first five decades, see “Sa Hlef ut nin Baskan”.

In brief, Kraggur is descended from the Gemfire dwarves, was captured by slavers and later became a moon mage, then was adopted as an honorable member of the Nomads.

Veyne. His shadow crept across the lands, and as we gathered in the shadows to oppose him, the Therengians struck and cast him back into the darkness.

My studies continued on apace, as I learned more about the natural word. It is a remarkably diverse resource, and my appreciation is only enhanced by my discussions with ranger friends. Their abilities and communions border on the mystical connection enjoyed by the servants of the gods. These studies took several years, and my account resumes in 392 AV, since little of note passed in the intervening years, except for my advancement to Expert Moon Mage, by Guildleader Lomtaun of Taisgath.

Chapter 1 – Forfedhdar

My parents had told me stories of Kwarlog and Hibarnhvidar, the principle dwarven cities still standing. Our line was held in decent from the original settlers of the Gemfire Mountains, descending some thirteen centuries of miners, builders, and crafters. While Hvaral was our capitol, Kwarlog was our ancient home, young as it was compared to the eldest of the Kingdoms.

So, it was with great trepidation that I first stepped on the roads heading west from Shard. I passed in the shadow of Wyvern Mount, home of the accursed Dragon Priests, then passed through the massive Gear Gate at Raven’s Point. A chill swept down my spine as I neared the gate, seeing the stout bearded forms high above the battlements. It was the first concentration of my kind that I had seen for decades. I had returned to the ancient land of my ancestors.

I was forced to stay in the barracks for several days, as a late winter blizzard was making the passage over the Himineldar Shel impossible, even for a dwarf. For those who have not made the journey to Raven’s Point, it is a nigh-impregnable fortress, manned day-round by regiments of fierce dwarves as a bulwark against the Dragon Priests of invasion from the south. To the north of the fortress lies the only worthwhile passage over the Himineldar Shel to the Segoltha River and onward to Hibarnhvidar.

One night I even had the honor to dine with General Bazrid in the Raven’s Nest barracks. He remains to this day, one of the most formidable dwarves I have ever met.

The storm abated, and clad in furs from the general store, I climbed into the Himineldar Shel. For weeks I traversed the road, made perilous by the ice that clads the upper peaks throughout the year. A blizzard trapped me in the remains of an ancient battle, and I nearly perished before finally I was able to break clear and was greeted by Mama’s Inn set on the far side of the pass.

I rested for several days, regaining my strength before finishing my journey to the Segoltha. I wish that I could say the engineering of the Sang Munar did not make me gawk like a beardling, but it did. The Haalikshal Highway passes through that tunnel before it approaches the hill upon which sits the fastness of the Lewkar Ang. Passing through its gates I then followed the road, which is bordered by sheer cliffs, before reaching the park before the Raven Gate. The distant thunder of the Segoltha, and the turning of the waterwheels reached me here as I fell to my knees before the twinned obsidian raven statues flanking it. I had reached Hibarnhvidar.

Little was I to know of the trouble and perils that would soon sweep upon the Kermorian continent.

Chapter 2 – Fugul Haastli

For several months I acclimated myself to the areas of Forfedhdar – Hibarnhvidar, Boar Clan, and the Monastery. I studiously avoided Asteki’s Mount, the unnaturally chill heights bothering the senses I had developed during my studies on Ratha. Several people I had come to know on Ratha made the journey westward to Forfedhdar, where I swiftly formed friendships with others as well.

Seeing an apparent lack of activity amongst the rulers of the various regions of Forfedhdar, we quickly struck to form a loose alliance to present concerns to the governing bodies. This was the creation of the Council of Forfedhdar. Many come to our meetings to propose ideas, share knowledge, or just listen in and enjoy a good tankard of ale. The founding of a more organized body in 393AV would prove to be a blessing, for in short order horrible visions were received by moon mages and clerics across Kermoria. The horrors seen I will spare the reader, but they were highly disconcerting.

Quickly a call to arms was announced, and a volunteer organization was created called the Raven’s Brigade. Several officers in the Brigade are also Council members, and heroes from across the lands came to answer our call. One lad, a Kaldar by the name of Ehon, even travelled from the distant island of Aesry to answer the call to arms. We quickly established patrol routes to monitor for any signs of true incursion. However, I pull slightly ahead of myself.

Word reached us from Ilithi that a necromantic threat had struck in the form of Adan’f that had mastered several aspects of necromancy and were assaulting people south of the city. The Handmaiden had located stones imbued with dark magics that made the undead threat more able to access the city. These stones were crushed, but the underlying enchantments were studied and new stones created to bolster the holy and life forces in the old fort south of the city. We gathered a group from Forfedhdar and assisted them in this task, though I still have misgivings to this day about using the foes magic, no matter how altered.

Several weeks passed before a name from the past returned to haunt us – Lyras the Devourer, a dark and twisted soul if there ever was one. The Brigade quickly formed patrols along the western and northern reaches of the city, including a gweth relay network to alert the Monastery and Boar Clan. The seers divined the approximate location of Lyras and her armies, and were the first to alert Kermoria to her presence and approximate location west of Forfedhdar.

For weeks the orders were issued to collect stockpiles and start bringing in the outlying folks, as well as in more precisely locating where Lyras and her armies were gathering. Then the storm broke.

Chapter 3 –

The assault was not unexpected, but the gods themselves were with us when they came. A participant in the Brigade’s doings was returning from a trip to the eastern lowlands when the first undead appeared along the roadways east of Hibarnhvidar. She was able to get a warning off and the call to arms was quickly issued across the length and breadth of Kermoria. Fighters were brought in, primarily from Shard, while the Raven Gate was closed for the first time in many a year.

Planning efforts worked out well as Captain Rieum directed triage and I served in fighting and bringing back fallen defenders from along the eastern front. I am proud to say that only once did the Raven Gate itself even come near attack, and the offending undead were quickly dispatched. For weeks the combat raged on as the undead also extended themselves eastward into Shard, then northward into Zoluren and Therengia.

Fighting the undead is a bone-wearying task, for they do not tire and their numbers are seemingly without end. However, we remain resolute, and armed caravans now brave the Haalikshawl Highway to bring trade goods from the lowlands. In the main, however, except for the occasional assault by one of her lieutenants upon a major city, business seems to have almost returned to normal for most adventurers.

Chapter 4 –

As always, life keeps progressing, and word reached us in the late winter of 394AV of the appointment of a new High Inquisitor by High Priestess Tallis (it is of not how fond the Church is of using “High” this and “High” that). This appointment raised concern amongst the Council since the Inquisitor Khurek was granted power by Tallis, and authorized by Prince Vorclaf. It is my concern, as well as others, that this is an underhanded power grab to claim more temporal authority for the Church at a time of crisis. We held an emergency session were we drafted the “Declaration of the Free Peoples of Forfedhdar” were we took the stance that the broad authority granted to the Inquisitor was an unjust act that could lead to the torture and death of innocents.

Upon finishing it, we travelled to the High Temple, recited it to the High Priestess, and in an act of particular point, I nailed a copy to the Temple doors with a mining spike.

With such a simple act we raised a furor beyond imagining. Grutan met with us in Hibarnhvidar to check about our actions, and I later heard that the King himself apparently agreed to let Khurek have access to Forfedhdar. It strikes me as very un-dwarf-like to let others meddle in our affairs. But I am not the King, nor in the Conclave, so that is what my word is worth.

However, it is to our surprise that little other has come from this event. Perhaps the Temple has destroyed all traces they could find or other rulers as a destabilizing occurrence. It is not in my mind to be taken as such either way, but as a stance against absolute tyranny and the high path against the darkness we fight.

Chapter 5 – Gwenattagis

Here I must come to the stories of my time amongst the Nomads. Many of their stories and lore I have incorporated into a journal called “Tales from the Windswept Peaks” which I will direct the reader elsewhere to read.


Many perilous roads and threads of fate are drawing tighter now. We are talking about reconstituting the Council and Brigade as a new organization, since the Council’s actions have met with such fierce resistance. New undead, one elvish child to be precise, are terrorizing the lands, and as of yet no end is in sight. For myself, I have recently returned from a trip to Ratha, and House Nadamian has agreed to send supplies to Forfedhdar to aid our efforts.