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I am an admin for Elanthipedia. If you have any questions about well, anything, please feel free to leave a note on my talk page.

10/20/07: Unfortunately, my job doesn't leave me much spare time during most of the year, so my article contributions are going to be pretty light for a while. I do still check in every evening or two, and I will answer questions as soon as I can.

To Do List

These are all the rage now, so I don't want to feel left out!


Been a LONG time since I touched these todo lists but I feel motivated to help make things nice around here again.

Just so I don't forget, I want to do some major sprucing up to the following articles:


  • Make guild-level navboxes for spells and include in template:spell.

General Organization

  • Reorganize markup and cleanup categories into more logical groupings (Sysop Tools doesn't cut it IMO), create more markup/cleanup templates linked to such categories, and make them easier for users to locate and use.


  • Update maps to include Template:RanikMapKey on each map article page
    • completed: maps 0 - 14d
    • instead of doing it the hard way, update Template:Map_infobox to include the key automatically the smart way, like Naeya pointed out.
      • Sandbox template and sandbox map page. Seems this will require massive substitution of {{|}} for |. Le sigh. not as hard as I thought, and fairly easy to undo all the damage I did earlier. Thanks Naeya!
  • Update Template:Store At A Glance to include a row for limited access info (eg Empath-only shop)
  • imagemap links on each map to included locations with articles such as shops, guilds, etc. Big project!
    • create and maintain project page to track progress
    • update map infobox to include better language for 'nearby unlinked map' section. Some listings there are already linked; at the end of this project they all should be.

Command Compendium

Given the announcement of the coming VERB verb, I'm putting this project on hold for now.

  • Create new articles for DR game commands, after the DR Command Compendium. Woohoo! Another huge project!
    • Identify and cleanup current wiki verb/command articles, fixing links and renaming in "Xxxxx command" format
    • Think about what templates and category structure would be needed; create them
    • create and maintain project page to track progress