Urglub's Squishing Emporium

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Urglub's Squishing Emporium
Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Boar Clan
Map Ranik's Map 121
Owner Urglub
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Urglub's Squishing Emporium, Showroom]
Racks bristling with weapons line the log walls of this rustic shop. As one would expect in a shop catering to Gor'Togs, everything in here is big -- the furnishings, the merchandise, and the owner. Urglub, the muscular weaponsmith, stands behind a scarred counter made of thick oaken planks. You also see a doorway leading out.

On the pine rack
Item Price Done
Tog-weight throwing club 451   
Big-noggin throwing hammer 902   
On the fir rack
Item Price Done
Solid nightstick 902   
Stout quarter staff 405   
Wicked halberd 2,029   
Heavy spear 1,353   
Parry stick 360   !!
On the cedar rack
Item Price Done
Big-fist katar 2,706   
Oversized hand axe 1,353   
Fearsome battle axe 2,525   
Imposing claymore 3,157   
On the spruce rack
Item Price Done
Hefty bludgeon 225   
Wide war hammer 1,127   
Massive war mattock 2,931   
Chunky morning star 2,029   
On the juniper rack
Item Price Done
brass knuckles 902   
Spiked knuckles 902   
Elbow spikes 902   
Knee spikes 902   
Steel-toed footwraps 902   
On the yew rack
Item Price Done
Sling 225   
Staff sling 360   
Short bow 811   
Longbow 1,262   
Composite bow 2,480   
Light crossbow 2,255   
Heavy crossbow 3,608   
Arbalest 8,118   
On the scarred counter
Item Price Done
Arrows 270   
Blunt tip arrows 604   
Slender tip arrows 586   
Long arrows 649   
Barbed arrows 721   
Smooth rocks 45   
Small rocks 13   
Large rocks 27   
Crossbow bolts 405   DG
Slender tip bolts 902   
Blunt tip bolts 902