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Status: Alive
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Boar Clan (Ranik Map 121)
Type: shopowner

The Owner of Urglub's Squishing Emporium in Boar Clan.


Broad shouldered, even for a Gor'Tog, Urglub wears a brown leather tunic that sets off his bronze-green skin. His ale-brown eyes hold the quiet confidence of a master craftsman in his element. Although large and callused from years of work at the forge, his hands still seem nimble and almost delicate.


  • A Ranger dressed in green leathers strides in confidently and picks up a bundle of arrows from the counter. She sights down the length of a few of them critically and sighs, "These will have to do." Tossing some coins to Urglub, she turns and strides back out, stowing the arrows in her quiver.
  • Urglub places a cabbage on the counter, then bashes it to pieces with a casual swing of a morning star. He grunts and mutters to himself, "Still too light."
  • A pair of young Gor'Tog boys walk into the shop carrying longbows. One of them whispers something to Urglub, who shakes his head and gently turns the boy's bow around. The other lad crows, "Told ya! Pointy end of the arrow goes toward the critter!" Urglub rolls his eyes as the boys tromp out.