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Lord Ulor Valsef
Status: Dead
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Associates: Jeladric IV, Elak, Cristic, Larohald, Alianhra
Relatives: Nidrem
Ulor Valsef was a youthful and impulsive barbarian whose father, Nidrem, was killed while attempting to repel the constant attacks of monsters and marauders. Lord Ulor blames Chamberlain Elak for his father's death, saying he intentionally did not send supplies to aid Lord Nidrem. He has not yet sworn fealty to the Baron of Therengia because of this situation. Rumored to have a gypsy marauder for a mother, who was once a servant to Lord Nidrem, and then left to join the marauders in attacking Therengia. Lord Ulor disappeared after the first court of Baron Jeladric IV in 359 AV, and even his own followers can't seem to find him, although he is presumed to be deceased. Lord Cristic was sympathetic to him while Lord Paragon Larohald and Lady Alianhra found his behavior rude and unbecoming a noble.