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All of the shop items should be listed under the correct shop now. (Hopefully!)--Zamara 01:56, 7 November 2012 (UTC)


Notes for when we can add extra stuff in...

>look muff on table A thin silver border has been stitched into the edge of the muff between the warm fur and the satin exterior. A small pouch has been carefully sewn into the inside of the muff, well hidden in the thick fur. >look second muff on table Elegant glass beading has been embroidered onto the exterior, creating a mosaic of a town covered in snow. A small pouch has been carefully sewn into the inside of the muff, well hidden in the thick fur. >look mitten on table Embroidered onto the bottom of each mitten is a dark brown cat's paw, positioned to line up with the palm of the hand. The embroidery is lightly stuffed with cotton, giving them a realistic feel. >look headba on table Fashioned from a loose loop of cloth designed to fit around the head, the headband is very soft to the touch. A tiny quartz crystal has been fastened in the center of each snowflake. >look second headba on table The thick fabric has been lightly stuffed and wrapped around a thin strip of metal, letting it retain its horseshoe shape. At the center of the arc has been stitched a thin crescent moon.

>look dress on rack Done entirely in shades of white, the narrow v-waist skirt of the dress has been painted with several birch trees, their leaves shed for the winter. A blanket of snow-covered leaves wraps around the lower hem of the skirt, and the image of a white wolf can be picked out from among the trunks of the trees. >look gown on rack > The high collar of this floor-length gown is dyed a deep black, which gradually melds into a very dark blue and finally a deep purple at the bottom hem of the sleeves and skirt. A long stream of silver and greens wraps around the gown's chest and shoulders, resembling thin wisps of clouds. Small pinpoints of silver have been carefully stitched throughout the garment in an array of constellations, making it resemble the winter sky. >look second gown on rack Angular patterns have been carefully crushed into the thick fabric, giving it the appearance of floating ice. The long sleeves of the gown are double layered, the inner damask layer cut to wrap snug against the arm while the outer velvet layer flares out into a triangular wrist. >look shirt on rack The shirt's long sleeves are carefully pleated to gather at the wrists, which have snug cuffs that button closed. A loose white belt gathers the shirt at the waist, the hem of the shirt cut to hang past the hips. >look coat on rack This thigh-length coat resembles an oversized sweater, though it buttons down the front and gathers at the waist with a loose belt. >look second coat on rack The coat has a high collar and long sleeves that button closed at the wrist, cut to hug the figure and keep out the winter chill. The interior of the coat is lined with a white satin, a pair of pockets following the vertical seams. >look third coat on rack Small silver snowflakes have been carefully embroidered along the collar and wrists of this snug coat. The interior has been lined with additional fur, wrapping around the wrists and hem. A row of large silver buttons holds the front of the coat closed.

>look earm on mann The fuzzy muffs are designed to fit over the head with a soft metal band, which is covered in dark velvet. The two round pads at each end of the band have been generously stuffed with cotton, meant to be worn over the ears. >look second earm on mann The fuzzy muffs are designed to fit over the head with a soft metal band, which is covered in light satin. The two round pads at each end of the band have been generously stuffed with cotton, meant to be worn over the ears. >look cap on mann Hidden amongst the flurry of silver snowflakes is a sled being pulled by a single horse. >look second cap on mann Each of the teardrops is slightly slanted, giving the appearance of a driving storm. The cap is edged with a dark grey fur, which is cut and fluffed to resemble dark clouds. >look scarf on mann The long scarf is completely unadorned except for the image of a tiny silver panther sewn into one corner. >look second scarf on mann Small points of white have been stitched into the silvery length, giving it a speckled look. The white continues into the tassled edge, several of the strands mixing into the rich purple. >look third scarf on mann A single grey thread of wool has been carefully woven into the otherwise plain scarf, creating a precise zig-zag pattern throughout its length.

H>look choker The large stone has been fixed in a platinum setting, positioned to sit directly over the throat. The rough fabric has been lined on the inside with satin and is edged with a thin silver border, hooking at the back to fit snug against the neck. H>look second choker The large jewel has been fixed in a large silver setting, positioned to sit directly over the throat. Lined on the inside with a pure black satin ribbon, three small hooks hold closed the narrow band of cloth, which is designed to fit snugly against the neck. H>look ring The indigo streak feathers through the clear glass. Small whorls, splashes, and bubbles have been frozen into the ring's interior, though it is completely smooth on the outside. H>look second ring The brilliant gem has been fully set into the metal, making it nearly invisible when viewed from the side. The metal underneath the slender blue sapphire has been darkened slightly, making it resemble an open eye. The surface of the band has been highly polished, giving it a mirror-like finish. H>look third ring Etched into the brilliant surface of the sapphire is a tiny four-pointed star. H>look fourth ring Small snowflakes have been carefully burned into the surface of the ring and mostly filled with silver, the darkened area making the design stand out from the painted wood. H>look tailb The band's exterior is extremely smooth and completely clear. Through the surface, small S'Kra Mur children can be seen playing, sledding down small hilltops next to an ice-covered forest. In the scene, the sun shines down through heavy clouds, and specks of white indicate falling snow. H>look second tailb Tiny white opals have been set between the careful etchings, which have been partially filled in with blue glass. A small four-pointed star replaces one of the snowflakes, coated in gold instead of blue.

>look pend The oval-shaped pendant is rimmed in silver, and has carefully crafted icicles hanging down its front. A brilliant yellow sunbeam has been carefully stained into the glass, positioned to shine down upon the snowy peak. >look second pend This bell-shaped pendant has been edged in white gold, small pale sapphires set into the edge to resemble small holly leaves. Tall evergreen trees have been etched into the glass, white with frost. On the right side of the pendant, a thin blue glass rod forms the trunk of a tree, its small metal branches coated in white. >look third pend I could not find what you were referring to. >look armb The delicate armband has been crafted from a single piece of thin silver wire, which has been carefully twisted into spiraling patterns. The thin jewels have been set directly into the wire, giving the armband an extra sparkle. >look second armb Three thin rods of glass have been fused together into an intricate braid, which has hardened into a perfect circle. Two of the three pieces have been stained a clear blue and a solid silver, the three colors playing off each other. The delicate strands end together in an intricate knot. >look third armb The rubies have been set in a triangle pattern, giving them the appearance of holly berries. Small glass leaves have been set around the small gems, enhancing the look. Elaborate black knotworking runs around the exterior of the band, leaving a highly polished border on each side. >look brace The polished oval gems have been set at regular intervals around the bracelet. Running around each edge, very thin knotwork has been filled with stained green glass, enhancing its appearance. Halfway between each stone is etched a tiny silver snowflake. >look second brace The metal has been highly polished, unadorned and unbroken except for the gem. Two small diamonds frame the larger ruby on either side. >look neckl One strand wraps around the other, giving the chain a ropelike appearance. A single thin strand of gold has been worked into links of the otherwise completely silver necklace. >look second neckl Uncut but highly polished crystals have been woven into the necklace's chain, creating the effect of chipped ice. The large sapphire hangs from the Y-shaped chain, its delicate surface etched with a small white snowflake.