True Path (2)

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The True Path
Event Rarely available
Owner Scynn, Asmara
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Armor shops, Weapon shops, Clothing shops, Barbarian shops, Juggling shops
Restrictions Barbarian
This store only accepts Kronars

The True Path, Forefathers:

[The True Path, Forefathers]
Red light trembles and flickers as it fights against thick black smoke thrown by the very torches that produce the light. A towering three-headed statue of immortal Trothfang faces the entrance, and the shadows cast from the statue shake around the tent. A nine-foot-tall skeleton flanks the statue, and prowling celpeze seem to occupy the corners of the tent. The smoke clears to the north and northeast, and a flap leads outside and away from the statue. You also see a gaping shark's jaw.
Obvious exits: north, northeast.

On the three-headed statue
Item Price Done
helm of crimson steel and black iron fashioned into the visage of a bellowing horned beast ?   !!
tusked mask of a screaming demonic visage ?   !!
horned mask of a screaming demonic visage ?   !!
helm of pitted steel fashioned into a skull and jawbone with enormous curving horns ?   !!!!
brightly dyed helm shaped like the head of a screaming beaked beast ?   !!!!
spiked helm of blue steel and black iron fashioned into the visage of a snarling tusked beast ?   !!!!
A handwritten note reads: Speak with Scynn or Asmara if you're interested in the statue's items.
On the hanging skeleton
Item Price Done
Stock rotates.
brass-tipped rib bones ?   !!
carved shoulder blades ?   !!
lead-wrapped kneecaps ?   !!
heavy basilisk jawbones ?   !!
metal-studded ulnas ?   !!
petrified vertebrae ?   !!
steel-capped skulls ?   !!
bronze-inlaid pelvises ?   !!
mammoth anklebones ?   !!
thick femurs fitted with iron banding ?   !!
leaded fingerbones ?   !!
On the asaren celpeze
Item Price Done
suede weapons belt with carved sana'ati panels ?   !!
black leather weapons belt crowded with scrimshaw scenes of the desert ?   !!
lizardskin weapons belt with etched silver plates depicting ritual battle ?   !!
leather weapons belt with cast bronze medallions depicting a single Barbarian defeating an army ?   
eelskin weapons belt with jade and silver mosaic panels ?   !!

The True Path, The Brewery:

[The True Path, The Brewery]
A small brewery has been set up here, and currently the mash tun, lauter tun, kettle, and fermenter serve double-duty holding items for sale. Numerous kegs, flasks, tankards, and drink have been arranged on the brewing equipment. A small spider web glistens in one corner. You also see a massive kettle with some stuff on it, an oak lauter tun with some stuff on it, and a mash tun with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

On the lauter tun
Item Price Done
hammered steel flask ?   !!
hard leather flask ?   No
dried gourd flask ?   !!
dented pewter flask ?   !!
stylized bronze flask ?   No
On the mash tun
Item Price Done
intricately filed brass tankard ?   No
intricately filed bronze tankard ?   No
intricately filed silver tankard ?   No
intricately filed pewter tankard ?   No
intricately filed steel tankard ?   No
On the massive kettle
Item Price Done
barrel-staved quiver ?   !!
white oak keg ?   No
dark cherry keg ?   No
barrelhead maul ?   !!
thick leather book ?   !!
wooden peg-leg ?   !!
well-oiled oaken keg ?   No
On the large fermenter
Item Price Done
bottle of Cnyr's mild ?   !!
bottle of Cnyr's bitter ?   No
bottle of Cnyr's strong ale ?   No
bottle of Cnyr's porter ?   No

The True Path, Clothing

[The True Path, Clothing]
The giant statue at the entrance to this tent is only barely visible from here, while the odor of the torches is slightly more pervasive. The path from the west cuts through a taxidermy menagerie on which many items of clothing have been set, apparently for sale. The path leads out of the area, and the menagerie, to the southeast.
Obvious exits: southeast, west.

On the scaly seordmaor
Item Price Done
brushed suede pants lined with brass rivets ?   !!
tight fitting celpeze-skin pants ?   
deep black eelskin pants ?   !!
stone grey gargoyle hide pants ?   !!
white snowbeast pelt pants ?   !!
glossy snakeskin pants ?   !!
wolf hide pants trimmed with fur ?   !!
leather pants trimmed with bone discs ?   !!
black leucro hide pants ?   !!
silver leucro hide pants laced together with braided sinew ?   !!
On the bristle-back peccary
Item Price Done
high-necked celpeze skin vest with brushed brass clasps ?   No
pure white snowbeast pelt vest edged in thin hammered steel ?   No
wolf hide vest with a heavy fur collar ?   
silver leucro hide vest with twisted sinew fringe along the seams ?   No
brown brushed suede vest with several small brass buckles closing the sides ?   No
grey gargoyle hide vest with etched bone buttons ?   No
snakeskin vest with viper tooth closures ?   !!
side-laced silver leucro hide vest ?   No
black leucro hide vest with fur trim ?   No
short black leather vest with criss-cross lacing up the front ?   No
tight eelskin vest with braided leather lacing ?   No
On the river boa
Item Price Done
dark leather boots with brass toe caps ?   No
dark leather boots with bone toe guards ?   No
soft black leucro hide boots with front lacings ?   No
pure white snowbeast pelt boots with thick leather soles ?   No
knee high snakeskin boots with low steel heels ?   No
wolf hide boots with wide fur cuffs ?   No
gargoyle hide boots with heavy lashings ?   No
glossy eelskin boots ?   No
brown suede boots with brass plates ?   No
celpeze-skin boots with hammered silver heels ?   
silver leucro hide boots wrapped with braided sinew ?   No
On the pit viper
Item Price Done
carved ironwood wristband ?   No
brushed steel wristband ?   No
hammered copper wristband ?   No
tricolor braided leather wristband ?   No
black leather wristband set with chain ?   !!
On the silver leucro
Item Price Done
sturdy leather shirt ?   !!
white kidskin shirt ?   !!
light brown suede shirt ?   !!
supple leather shirt ?   !!
thin chamois shirt ?   !!
On the cave bear
Item Price Done
engraved copper armband ?   No
hammered bronze armband ?   !!
multicolored chainmail armband ?   
heavy iron armband inset with copper discs ?   No
wide steel armband inlaid with bronze ?   No

The True Path, Fighting Gear:

[The True Path, Fighting Gear]
A post that two Gor'Togs could not encircle dominates this area, which suffers the intrusion of the looming shadow of a towering statue to the south. Four brass fists are hammered into the post and a spear hangs from it, horizontal to the ground. A pair of crossed mammoth tusks forms an imposing archway to the west. A large sign is tacked to the post. You also see a buffed leather mannequin with some stuff on it and a slim leather mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, south.

A handwritten sign reads:
All critters are killed with bare hands to ensure minimal marring and weak points in the finished products.

On the leather mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of dark leather ankle high boots ?   No
dark suede shirt with silver buttons ?   No
fitted leather pants ?   !!
dark leather longcoat with silver accents ?   
On the leather mannequin
Item Price Done
backless black leather gown tailored to fit snugly from shoulder to hip ?   
pair of black leather ankle boots decorated with silver chain ?   !!
On the horizontal spear
Item Price Done
bronze-linked belt ?   !!
iron-linked belt ?   No
embossed leather belt with a large bronze buckle ?   No
simple leather belt secured with rawhide ties ?   No
fish skin belt secured with a complicated rope knot ?   No
On the brass fists
Item Price Done
celpeze skin fighting pants with square bronze studs ?   !!
sleek basilisk skin fighting pants with a wide leather waistband ?   !!
warcat suede fighting pants with narrow leather lashings and bronze buckles ?   !!
mammoth leather fighting pants pierced with fossilized ivory studs ?   !!