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A major NPC for the Barbarian Guild during GameMaster Iayn's reign as Barbarian GM.

Scynn Malhara
Status: Alive
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Asmara Malhara (wife)


You see Fist of Trothfang Scynn Malhara, a Human Barbarian.
He has dark green eyes. A black feather and some carved yellowed ivory beads are tied into his black hair. He is a giant for a human and his frame is bound with muscle. Tribal brands cover the left side of his deeply tanned body.
He is in his prime.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a barbaric trophy belt garishly strung with leathery scalps and rings of mammoth bone in his right hand and a bottle of Prydaen bloodwine in his left.
He is wearing a worn leather trophy bag, a pair of black leather baldrics, a thick iron ring set with a polished chakrel stone, some scaled boots with large sand-cast bronze buckles, some aged mammoth leather fighting pants studded with patterned steel and a mail vest of stamped and riveted steel rings.