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The True Path
Event Feast of Eluned 2
Owner Scynn, Asmara
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Armor shops, Weapon shops, Clothing shops, Barbarian shops
Restrictions Barbarian
This store only accepts Kronars

The True Path, Forefathers:

[The True Path, Forefathers]
Red light trembles and flickers as it fights against thick black smoke thrown by the very torches that produce the light. A towering three-headed statue of immortal Trothfang faces the entrance and the shadows cast from the statue shake around the tent. A nine foot tall skeleton flanks the statue, and prowling celpeze seem to occupy the corners of the tent. The smoke clears to the north and northeast, and a flap leads outside and away from the statue.
Obvious exits: north, northeast.

On the three-headed statue
Item Price Done
enameled faceplate of an aquatic beast 1,125,000   !!
carved iron faceplate of a howling beast 1,125,000   !!!!
furrowed iron faceplate of a fanged grimace 1,125,000   !!!!
On the hanging skeleton
Item Price Done
small anchors 2,500   No
iron belaying pins 1,250   
bronze chainlinks 937   
iron links 750   
heavy rope knots 500   
rope knots 250   

The True Path, The Brewery:

[The True Path, The Brewery]
A small brewery has been set up here, and currently the mash tun, lauter tun, kettle, and fermenter serve double-duty holding items for sale. Numerous kegs, flasks, tankards, and drink have been arranged on the brewing equipment. A small spider web glistens in one corner.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

On the lauter tun
Item Price Done
steel walrus-shaped flask 750   No
hard leather flask 2,500   No
pewter shell-shaped flask 625   No
bronze fish-shaped flask 2,250   No
On the mash tun
Item Price Done
plain brass tankard 625   !!
plain bronze tankard 625   !!
plain silver tankard 4,375   !!
plain pewter tankard 625   !!
plain steel tankard 1,250   !!
On the massive kettle
Item Price Done
barrel-staved backpack 12,500   
stack of thick books 12,500   
keg shaped like a curled eel 18,750   No
On the large fermenter
Item Price Done
bottle of Cnyr's bitter 1,250   No
bottle of Cnyr's special ale 2,500   No
bottle of Cnyr's strong ale 80,000   No
bottle of Cnyr's private stock 160,000   No

The True Path, Clothing

[The True Path, Clothing]
The giant statue at the entrance to this tent is only barely visible from here, while the odor of the torches is slightly more pervasive. The path from the west cuts through a taxidermy menagerie on which many items of clothing have been set, apparently for sale. The path leads out of the area, and the menagerie, to the southeast.
Obvious exits: southeast, west.

On the scaly seordmaor
Item Price Done
dark eelskin pants with brass rivets 3,750   No
tight fitting sharkskin pants 6,250   No
deep black eelskin pants 3,750   !!
light fish skin pants 6,250   No
white doeskin pants 4,375   No
walrus skin pants 3,125   No
sealskin pants trimmed with fur 3,125   No
black leather pants trimmed with bone discs ?   No
On the bristle-back peccary
Item Price Done
high-necked sharkskin vest with brushed brass clasps 3,725   No
light fish skin vest 3,750   No
sealskin vest with a heavy fur collar 3,125   No
supple doeskin vest with twisted sinew fringe 3,125   No
white brushed suede vest with small brass buckles cinching the sides 2,500   No
heavy walrus hide vest with carved bone buttons 5,000   No
tight snakeskin vest with bone closures 3,125   No
long black leather vest with criss-cross lacing up the front 2,500   No
black eelskin vest with braided leather lacing ?   No
On the river boa
Item Price Done
sharkskin boots with brass toe caps 4,375   No
sharkskin boots with bone toe guards 4,375   
thin walrus hide boots with front lacings 3,750   No
sealskin boots with thick leather soles 4,375   No
ankle high snakeskin boots with low steel heels 3,750   No
black eelskin boots 3,750   No
black suede boots with brass plates 2,500   No
lizardskin boots with hammered silver heels 6,250   No
On the pit viper
Item Price Done
carved coral wristband 2,500   No
hammered steel wristband 1,250   No
cast copper wristband 1,250   No
braided sharkskin wristband 2,000   No
black eelskin wristband 2,000   No
On the silver leucro
Item Price Done
light fish skin shirt 3,750   No
brown deerskin shirt 4,500   No
blue-grey sharkskin shirt 6,000   No
black leather shirt 3,750   No
thick chamois shirt ?   No
On the cave bear
Item Price Done
plain copper armband 1,250   !!
hammered bronze armband 1,250   !!
chain armband 1,250   !!
etched iron armband 1,250   !!
broad steel armband 1,250   !!

The True Path, Fighting Gear:

[The True Path, Fighting Gear]
A post that two Gor'Togs could not encircle dominates this area, which suffers the intrusion of the looming shadow of a towering statue to the south. Four brass fists are hammered into the post and a spear hangs from it, horizontal to the ground. A pair of crossed mammoth tusks forms an imposing archway to the west. A large sign is tacked to the post. You also see a slim leather mannequin with some stuff on it and a buffed leather mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, south.

A handwritten sign reads:
All critters are killed with bare hands to ensure minimal marring and weak points in the finished products.
On the leather mannequin
Item Price Done
backless blue-grey sharkskin gown tailored to fit snugly from shoulder to hip 45,000   
pair of grey leather ankle boots decorated with silver chain 3,750   
On the leather mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of black leather ankle high boots 3,750   No
black leather shirt with silver buttons 5,265   No
tightly fitted suede pants 6,250   No
dark leather longcoat with silver accents 11,250   
On the horizontal spear
Item Price Done
fish skin belt secured with a complicated rope knot 2,500   No
simple leather belt secured with rawhide ties 1,250   No
embossed leather belt with a large bronze buckle 2,500   No
iron-linked belt 2,500   No
bronze-linked belt ?   
On the brass fists
Item Price Done
warcat suede fighting shirt with dark leather ties 12,500   No
sleek basilisk skin fighting shirt 12,500   
celpeze skin fighting shirt with bronze studs 12,500   
mammoth leather fighting shirt with fossilized ivory studs 15,000   No