Trader Shop (Muspar'i)

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Found up the stairs in the Muspar'i Trader Guildhall.

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Muspar'i Traders' East Wing Trader Shop
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47a
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Trader shops, Weapon shops, Juggling shops
Restrictions Trader, 20th circle
This store only accepts Lirums

[Muspar'i Traders' Guild, East Wing Trader Shop]
Flourishing trades of goods extend through the entire east wing as tables, racks, barrels, and crates display only the latest and most exclusive items at lower than value prices. Young merchants show off their items to the shop's dealer, hoping to impress them with their craftsmanship for a chance to display their wares and begin their path to fame and fortune.
Obvious exits: out.

Stock Rotates!

On the wide barrel
Item Price Done
burnished copper silk satchel embroidered with a desert sun -- the emblem of the Muspar'i Traders' Guild 20,000   !!
dark silk satchel embroidered with a black steed -- the emblem of the Darkling Wood Traders' Outpost 17,500   
heavy suede satchel bearing the image of the Fornsted Traders' Guild emblem 10,000   !!
ale-brown leather satchel embossed with the emblem of the Hibarnhvidar Traders' Guild 14,000   !!
boar-hide satchel branded with a pile of gilded turnips -- the emblem of the Boar Clan Traders' Guild 11,500   
blue satin-lined satchel embroidered with a ship -- the emblem of the Ratha Traders' Guild 6,500   !!
fine brocade satchel embroidered with a set of twin docks - the emblem of the Ain Ghazal Traders' Guild 15,000   !!
azure linen satchel embroidered with a mist-shrouded island -- the emblem of the Aesry Traders' Guild 5,000   !!
coal-black wool satchel embroidered with a raven atop a hammer -- the emblem of the Raven's Point Traders' Guild 5,000   !!
On the oak shelf
Item Price Done
polished steel knuckles 1,148   
bronze spiked knuckles 935   
wickedly spiked knuckles 680   
embossed brass knuckles 850   
enameled elbow spikes 1,020   !!
engraved elbow spikes 1,020   
embellished knee spikes 1,375   !!
iron knee spikes 680   !!
pitted steel-toed footwraps 1,870   
steel-toed footwraps with silver buckles 2,338   
On the toy chest
Item Price Done
Guildleader Seranda doll 5,000   
Guildleader Kworlin doll 5,000   
On the glass case
Item Price Done
forester's crossbow 42,000   
razor-edged dueling iltesh 12,000   
On the short stand
Item Price Done
exquisite ironwood contract case carved with intricate knotwork designs 45,925   
On the rosewood display
Item Price Done
crisp ivory notecard with a message that reads: "Ask me about constellation jewelry!" 5,000   
bleached papyrus notecard with a message that reads: "Ask me about fletched bows!" 5,000   
boldly stenciled notecard with a message that reads: "Ask me about forged weapons!" 5,000   
carefully folded notecard with a message that reads: "Furrier sales performed by request!" 5,000   
brightly lettered notecard with a message that reads: "10% off all sales, today only!" 40,000   
bright white notecard 30,000   
On the shoe tree
Item Price Done
vine-wrapped leather boots 1,600   !!
shiny kidskin ankle boots 880   No
fuzzy kitten slippers 1,210   
polished leather riding boots with steel buckles 880   
tan-colored workboots 1,600   
pair of stiff leather riveted boots 3,200   
On the armor rack
Item Price Done
finely tanned traveling leathers studded with sterling rivets 14,266   !!
sleek skirmisher's shield crafted from dusky black ironwood 125,000   !!
sleek black leathers adorned with a shadowy crest 8,663   !!
bone and ivory inlaid tower shield 21,875   !!
shield tooled with the visage of a fiercely mewling pink kitten 37,500   !!
dull copper chainmail worked in bronze along the collar 33,812   !!
On the velvet-lined tray
Item Price Done
brass ring inlaid with a carved beryl 8,100   
bronzed pinky ring inset with a carved carnelian 3,564   
copper band inset with amber chips 4,120   
twisted tri-strand platinum ring 16,000   No
thick brushed gold band 10,560   
wide silver filigreed ring 4,800   
On the wicker basket
Item Price Done
painted serpents - (20 stones) 2,500   
gypsy marauders - (25 stones) 2,500   
miniature cougars - (10 stones) 3,000   
granite gargoyles - (30 stones) 2,500   
miniature crabs - (10 stones) 5,000   
small kelpies - (15 stones) 2,500   No
wolf spiders - (20 stones) 2,500   
wood trolls - (15 stones) 2,500   
small warcats - (30 stones) 2,500   No
On the armor bucket
Item Price Done
blued chain balaclava with turquoise beads woven around the neckline 10,000   
balaclava of pastel-hued rainbow chain 7,800   
blackened chain balaclava with lambskin lining the neck 2,500   !!
tanned jaguar mask with carved ivory teeth 3,500   !!
white kidskin leather mask edged with owl feathers 3,000   !!
black leather mask with ruby shards inset across the forehead 30,000   !!
On the earring tree
Item Price Done
ebony raccoon earrings 825   
glass unicorn earrings 1,500   
polished crystal earrings 1,500   
carved rose quartz earrings 2,475   
jade sithannak earrings 5,500   
exquisite raven earrings carved in black diamond 425,000   
On the small ledge
Item Price Done
curved steel iltesh with a carved bone hilt 32,751   
studded steel shield with a central boss shaped like a snarling lion 33,718   !!