Trader Shop (Crossing)

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Crossing Traders' Wholesale Outlet
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1d
Owner Trader's Guild
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trader shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Armor shops, Weapon shops, Shield shops, Juggling shops, Embroidery shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Traders' Guild, Wholesale Outlet]
Plain fittings display luxury goods from the farthest corners of the realms, but this wholesaler makes no attempt to puff up the goods or cajole the buyers. This is a place where professionals do business with other professionals, all of whom know and disdain the weaseling tricks commonly played on customers. Displays are sturdy and pleasant, but not fancy, and everything is brightly lit. Rugs are a plain brown, walls are an unpanelled beige, and the atmosphere is one of business.
You also see a large wide barrel with some stuff on it, a jeweler's cabinet with some stuff on it, a pack stand with some stuff on it, a wholesale bin with some stuff on it, a weapon case with some stuff on it, a contract case display with some stuff on it, an accessories table with some stuff on it, a set of bronze hooks with some stuff on it, a jewelry armoire with some stuff on it, a clothing cabinet with some stuff on it, a boot basket with some stuff on it, a brass-accented coffer with some stuff on it, a wicker basket with some stuff on it, an earring tree with some stuff on it, a wooden pedestal with an exquisite jeweler's loupe on it, a shield rack with some stuff on it and a small ledge with an olivewood contract case embossed with a jade sana'ati tree on it.
Obvious exits: out.

Stock Rotates!

Note: Prices change based on Trader's circle and/or Charisma.

On the large wide barrel
Item Price Done
brightly beaded shoulder pack 8,875   
leather shoulder pack 4,375   
mottled serpent-scaled shoulder pack 7,250   
suede patchwork shoulder pack 13,125   
weathered leather shoulder pack 4,375   
wooly sheepskin shoulder pack 4,875   
On the jeweler's cabinet
Item Price Done
carved jade necklace with polished bronze clasps 26,531   
crystal bracelet inlaid with precious stones 160,625   
gloriously polished jade ring inlaid with bronze gremlins 9,750   
polished white gold earrings set with two tear-shaped amethysts 29,363   !!
polished white gold ring set with a large amethyst 33,413   
serpentine platinum ring displaying a lustrous fang pearl 281,250   
white gold necklace displaying a large amethyst pendant 76,191   
On the pack stand
Item Price Done
azure damask satchel embroidered with a silver dragon -- the emblem of the Fayrin's Rest Trader's Guild 10,625   
black-leather satchel embossed with a gilded wolverine -- emblem of the Steelclaw Clan Trader's Guild 11,875   
gilded-leather satchel embossed with a mottled sithinnak -- emblem of the Shard Trader's Guild 12,500   
grey leather satchel emblazoned with a representation of the Sana'ati Dyaus -- emblem of the Leth Deriel Trader Guild 11,250   
leather satchel embossed with a brass hammer -- the emblem of the Stone Clan Trader's Guild 13,750   
oxblood-leather satchel embossed with a gilded tiger -- the emblem of the Tiger Clan Trader's Guild 15,000   
patterned snakeskin ledger case clasped with a gilded viper fang 6,250   !!
purple tapestry satchel embroidered with a gilded taffelberry branch -- the emblem of the Arthe Dale Trader's Guild 19,000   
red-leather satchel embossed with a gilded yak -- emblem of the Crossing Trader's Guild 15,000   
rough leather satchel tooled with the image of a silver wolf's head -- the emblem of the Wolf Clan Trader's Guild 9,875   
suede belt purse tooled with the image of a smiling yak 1,000   
On the wholesale bin
Item Price Done
jeweled Divyaush icon 35,000   
darkened platinum tailband inset with a faceted ruby crowned by tiny black pearls 337,500   
large diamond carved into a slender tail band entwined with gold wire 125,000   
platinum pin bejeweled with a mosaic of colored gems 225,000   
On the weapon case
Item Price Done
finely balanced tago 226,437   
jeweled throwing dagger 5,468   
On the contract case display
Item Price Done
brushed silver contract case clasped with a golden raven 41,750   
exquisite ironwood contract case carved with intricate knotwork designs 104,375   
On the accessories table
Item Price Done
doeskin boots 5,375   
fur-lined boots 6,375   
fur-lined white leather boots 250   !!
furry wolf-tail belt 250   
grey wolfskin boots 4,687   
low-heeled hogskin boots 500   !!
maroon leather bodice laced up the front with rawhide 11,127   
pink grendel-skin belt 250   !!
silver-edged doeskin belt 250   
soft cougarskin boots 250   !!
supple snakeskin belt 250   

Note: Boots on this table can also appear on the boot basket and vice versa.

On the set of bronze hooks
Item Price Done
black canvas feedbag 937   
blue canvas feedbag 937   
brown canvas feedbag 937   
green canvas feedbag 937   
purple canvas feedbag 937   
red canvas feedbag 937   
tan canvas feedbag 937   
white canvas feedbag 937   
yellow canvas feedbag 937   
On the jewelry armoire
Item Price Done
agate ring with a bronze serpentine band 1,062   
ivory necklace inlaid with gold unicorns 12,500   No
rose quartz brooch set in filigreed silver 7,250   
silver earring set with a small red garnet 6,875   
white topaz bracelet with a copper welkin clasp 12,500   
On the clothing cabinet
Item Price Done
heavy oxhide teamster gloves 2,362   !!
snarled golden gremlin mask 1,875   !!
doeskin gloves lined with rabbit fur 4,437   !!
flowing gold skirt with rich embroidery 43,812   
green satin vest with red-gold buttons 90,100   
ivory silk blouse with delicate embroidery 1,250   
split traveler's skirt lined with rabbit fur 8,500   
On the boot basket
Item Price Done
black riding boots 5,187   
brown riding boots 5,187   
ebony thigh boots 8,000   
fur-lined boots 6,375   
fur-lined white leather boots 250   !!
grey wolfskin boots 4,867   
white snakeskin boots 6,000   
On the brass-accented coffer
Item Price Done
overstuffed black cotton embroider's knapsack 7,000   
overstuffed gold linen embroider's knapsack 6,500   
overstuffed midnight blue embroider's knapsack 6,625   
overstuffed paisley embroider's knapsack 6,625   
overstuffed scarlet silk-lined embroider's knapsack 7,500   
overstuffed twilight grey embroider's knapsack 6,500   
On the wicker basket
Item Price Done
dark panthers - (7 stones) 5,000   
furry wolves - (5 stones) 1,250   
gemstone lizards - (1 stone) 625   
grey raccoons - (10 stones) 6,250   
ivory bears - (10 stones) 4,875   
jade turtles - (1 stones) 1,250   
jasper falcons - (5 stones) 1,170   
obsidian owls - (2 stones) 2,500   
onyx ravens - (2 stones) 2,500   
On the earring tree
Item Price Done
carved rose quartz earrings 5,625   
ebony raccoon earrings 1,875   
exquisite raven earrings carved in black diamond 531,250   
glass unicorn earrings 1,875   
jade sithannak earrings 6,875   
polished crystal earrings 1,875   
On the wooden pedestal
Item Price Done
exquisite jeweler's loupe 27,540   
On the shield rack
Item Price Done
dark stained target shield 1,000   !!
enameled tower shield painted with the Therengian royal crest 5,000   !!
polished kite shield embellished with a gold and platinum filigree 34,375   !!
polished oval shield etched with a raven pecking at a pile of gems 2,625   !!
steel-banded ironwood oval shield 2,875   !!
target shield emblazoned with a jester's jovial face 1,125   !!
On the small ledge
Item Price Done
olivewood contract case embossed with a jade sana'ati tree 64,296