Trader Guildhall (Riverhaven)

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This Trader Guildhall is found in Riverhaven NW from the ferry pier.

The Guildleader for this location is Willowbrook. This building also contains a Library, a rentable Banquet Hall and an auction hall on the upper floor.

Traders' Guild Lobby

[Riverhaven, Traders' Guild Lobby]
The lobby of the Guild is a grand place. High narrow windows of stained glass show pictures of traders bringing the benefits of civilized marketing and goods to primitive peoples in many lands and strange places. The heavy carpeting on the floor is done in patterns representing coins and monies of distant and forgotten lands. Nearby, the Guild Office handles official matters. A tall and wide doorway, gated and guarded, leads to the Trading Pit where only Traders may go to conduct their deals.
You also see a curved stairway, the Riverhaven trade minister and a large sign which says, "TRADER SUPPLIES HERE".
Obvious exits: east, out.

A large sign reads:
"Any nearby clerk will be more than happy to help you obtain a pricing ledger.  Simply order one -- you'll be amazed at how quickly they respond!"

Foreign Trade Office

[Traders' Guild, Foreign Trade Office]
This office suite is the paragon of efficiency. Assistants quickly and quietly enter and leave carrying reports of the needs of neighboring provinces and what they have to offer this one. A map of the known world graces a plastered wall.
You also see the interprovince broker and a colorful vase with a large flowing fern planted within it.
Obvious exits: west.

Upper Hallway

[Traders' Guild, Upper Hallway]
This hallway leads to the Guild library and to a small lounge overlooking the Trading Pit. Walls painted a soft blue harmonize with pale gold carpeting. The frenzied atmosphere below is much reduced here. A few apprentices lounge about talking quietly among themselves or reading scrolls from the library.
You also see a curving stair.
Obvious exits: north.

Upper Lounge

[Traders' Guild, Upper Lounge]
This quiet lounge overlooks the bustling Trading Pit. Large windows, with thick panes of glass, prevent the clamorous din of buying and selling from making its way here and keep any non-guild member from possibly overhearing any private conversations or learning any guild secrets. Couches lined up along the walls allow observation of the chaos below in comfort.
Obvious exits: out.


[Traders' Guild, Library]
Thick carpeting and heavy drapes muffle outside noises to keep the library a peaceful place. A shelf of books and racks of scrolls are here for the edification of young Guild members and even the general public. A low table with several chairs awaits the eager scholar. A sharp-eyed librarian keeps a watchful eye on the room lest rare books or scrolls leave unbidden.
You also see an elegant brass plate.
Obvious exits: out.


Use the Call Letters of a book to get it (GET <Call Letter>).  Look on the shelf for a complete listing of books available in this library and their call letters.  Each Call Letter is composed of the book's category, followed by the author's initials, and finally the title's initials.

The book categories are:
Instructional (abbr. I): Books that teach how to do things.
Fiction and Folklore (abbr. F): traditional stories or tales invented for entertainment.
Contemporary and Historic Accounts (abbr. H)
Myth and Religion (abbr. M)
Reference (abbr. R)
Biography (abbr. B): the life of an individual person.
Performance Art (abbr. P): songs, plays, ballads, poems, and the like.

You are granted use of our books (READ), but please refrain from damaging or marking them in any way.  Please do not read a book while bleeding, because you will NOT be able to tend your wounds, and you may die.  If you die, you will not be able to be dragged out.  Please return all books (DROP) before leaving.

Upper Hallway

[Traders' Guild, Upper Hallway]
Polished brass sconces with lit white candles line the wide hallway. Colorfully patterned rugs line the polished mahogany floors, practically laid not only to add dimension to the room, but also to mute the sound of scores of feet that enter the busy corridor. A hand-carved mahogany entrance stands open to welcome guests into the auction hall foyer, while on the opposite end a large brass-hinged door marks the way to the banquet hall.
You also see a small office.
Obvious exits: south.

  • The door here is locked until a Trader rents the banquet hall to open it to the public or invited guests.

Anzu ia Bima Reservations

[Anzu ia Bima, Reservations]
Framed chalk sketches and paintings line the walls of the small office, displaying party rooms filled with guests in some, and others displaying food and drink presentations. Comfortable chairs sit in front of a fine birch desk, where guests may sit to discuss their plans with the reservation clerk. You also see a price list and a reservation clerk.
Obvious exits: out.

The list reads:
                        Riverhaven Traders Guild
                     Banquet Reservations Price List
Location                      Banquet   Dancing   Invitations   Gambling
* Anzu ia Bima                50000     10000     10000         30000     

                         All prices in Lirums
           (Discounts given to members of the Traders Guild)
(Locations marked by an * are available only to members of the Traders Guild)

Auction Foyer (go foyer)

[Traders' Guild, Auction Foyer]
Auctioneers, bidders, and spectators alike make their way back and forth through the open eggshell white doors that lead into the Auction Hall. A lovely marble statue of a young, beautiful serving girl stands between the doors, her head turned ever so slightly to the side and her eyes lidded to display an almost dreamy, far-off look. Her arms are stretched out before her with her hands together and fingers curved up, delicately holding a silver tray.
You also see the Auction Hall.
Obvious exits: out.

On the silver tray
Item Price Done
pot of catmint tea 0   
stuffed squash blossom 0   
apple barrel whiskey 0   
banana and cookie sandwich 0   
sugar-coated plum 0   !!
carafe of grape cordial 0   
crab salad cracker 0   
heart-shaped honey cake 0   

Auction Hall

[Traders' Guild, Auction Hall]
Prospective buyers hover near a fine parchment that hangs almost reverently in finished brass clasps along the back wall of the room, hoping to get an idea of what homeless treasures will soon grace the auction stand. Offsetting the smooth, eggshell white walls and ceiling is carved crown molding, finished with fine gold leaf that glistens in the light of the ironwork chandelier above. Below, long wooden benches with horsehair seats are placed before the long table where the items for bid are displayed.
You also see a waiting list, the foyer, a sign and a storage chest.
Obvious exits: none.