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This is a shop on the south bridge arcade of Shard.

The Toy Box
Province Ilithi
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67e
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Food shops, Trinket shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Toy Box]
No merry-go-round at a circus could be cheerier than the decor of this shop: bright calliope music plays from somewhere behind gilded and painted screens. In place of counters, the merchandise rests on the tray-like backs of carousel animals suspended on shining brass poles: a snarling lion, a black stallion, a polar bear, and a woolly ram parade their wares. A carriage drawn by unicorns is provided for patrons who need a rest from their shopping. You also see the street door.

On the Snarling Lion
Item Price Done
A small sign reads: The puppet makers are not responsible for any political repercussions resulting from the possession of one of our marionettes.
cross-eyed Vorclaf marionette 4,510   
pot-bellied Gyfford marionette 4,510   
flashy Talorc marionette 4,510   
pouting Morganae marionette 4,510   
scaly Arilana marionette 4,510   
wide-eyed Aemmin marionette 4,510   
knock-kneed Raenilar marionette 4,510   
On the Black Stallion
Item Price Done
green spun-sugar whistle 90   
red spun-sugar whistle 90   
cream spun-sugar whistle 90   
orange spun-sugar whistle 90   
yellow spun-sugar whistle 90   
jade green spun-sugar whistle 90   
On the Polar Bear
Item Price Done
blonde beard 902   
orange beard 902   
blue beard 902   
purple beard 902   
lime-green beard 902   
blonde wig 902   
orange wig 902   
blue wig 902   
purple wig 902   
lime-green wig 902   
On the Woolly Ram
Item Price Done
book bound in black leather titled "Battle of the Reshal Sea" 1,804   !!
blue book with cloth covers titled "The Well in Lost Valley" 1,804   !!
book covered in buckskin titled "Game and Where to Find It" 1,804   !!
book covered in red leather titled "Zoluren Ballads" 1,804   

*Note: This shop remains open at night