Tokka Painter's Hut

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Tokka Painter's Hut
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Taisgath
Map Ranik's Map 90d
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops, Moon Mage shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Tokka Painter's Hut, Front Room]
Heavy draperies line the inner walls of this bamboo and thatch hut, intended to please the eye and shield the interior of the dwelling from any inclement weather. Lambent illumination, thrown by the wavering flame of a box lantern suspended from the ceiling, struggles to fill the chamber. A thick curtain divides the space, hiding a portion of the room from sight. You also see a simple wooden sign, a rickety palmwood table with some stuff on it and an aged bamboo stand with some stuff on it.

On the palmwood table
Item Price Done
plain Tokka deck stamped with Gamgweth text 6,000   !!
white and carnation-pink polka-dotted Tokka deck 6,000   !!
hyacinthine Tokka deck printed with tiny yellow blossoms 6,000   !!
Tokka deck adorned with mounted horsemen 6,000   !!
off-white Tokka deck patterned with overlapping chevrons 6,000   !!
inky black Tokka deck split by a sinuous bolt of lightning 6,000   !!
dull grey Tokka deck pebbled with silvery black and brown hues 6,000   !!
Tokka deck painted with ancient oak trees 6,000   !!
On the bamboo stand
Item Price Done
midnight black Tokka deck bearing the dark moon Katamba 6,000   !!
midnight black Tokka deck bearing the blue moon Xibar 6,000   !!
midnight black Tokka deck bearing the red moon Yavash 6,000   !!
blue and silver Tokka deck 6,000   !!
Tokka deck painted with caricatures of Moon Mage guildleaders on the back 6,000   !!
tri-color Tokka deck slashed with a diagonal line 8,000   !!
simple Tokka deck 4,000   !!